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On the Move with Megan Roup

On the Move with Megan Roup

She’s a business owner, fitness expert, and Solly Baby’s new Movement Director—but at home, her two little girls know her as mama. We sat down with The Sculpt Society Founder Megan Roup to talk all things motherhood and movement. Plus, the inspiration behind her new limited-edition collection and her postnatal workout program, featuring tailored classes you can do while babywearing.  

When do you feel like you’re at your best as a mom?
When I've had a full night's sleep and a cup of coffee.

Woman exercising while wearing baby in the Bloom Solly Wrap

What was the inspiration behind your babywearing movement classes?
I loved the idea of a babywearing workout that I could provide for other women. With both of my kids—especially in that newborn phase—they were always strapped to my chest. I loved wearing my Solly Baby Wrap. So I thought, why can't there be a workout that you could do while wearing your baby? When I had the chance to connect with Solly during my second pregnancy, we got really excited about teaming up and coming out with a Solly Baby Wrap together. And then combining that with our babywearing workouts.

How has motherhood impacted the way you think about wellness?
My list of wellness practices pre-kids was very long. I felt like I should be doing all the things. Now, as a mom, that list is much shorter. I don't have the time I used to. So I’ve honed in on the wellness practices that actually fill my cup and make me feel good. For me, it’s simple—it's moving my body, getting outside, going for a walk, getting some vitamin D, getting a cup of coffee, connecting with my husband. And then having a morning routine to myself, getting up a little bit earlier before my kids do, just so I have even just 10 or 15 minutes to myself before the craziness of the morning starts. 

Woman wearing pink workout set and working out with one armed raised holding weights

You talk a lot about movement as being a kind of therapy for you. Can you share more?
I look at movement like a mental health tool. In my early twenties, movement was about burning calories and just being really hard on myself. Now, as a mom, movement is about really feeling good in my body, showing up for myself, filling my cup up, and helping myself with that mental health part. When I move my body, I feel so much different throughout my day. I feel more confident, more powerful—all of the things I want to feel. And it doesn’t have to be an hour long. It literally can be five or 10 minutes. Especially in that newborn phase, when we are all really sleep deprived, it's really about how we can realistically get movement in.

Any tips for moms getting back into a workout routine postpartum?
Commit to less so that you can show up more! This mantra has really helped me as I eased back into movement postpartum. I also highly recommend following a postpartum program. The Sculpt Society's Postpartum Program has been thoughtfully programmed for busy moms looking to rebuild strength with full body workouts and extra attention on core and pelvic floor rehab.

Woman holding baby and smiling at her

Any words of wisdom for mamas struggling with their pregnant or postpartum bodies?
Pregnancy and postpartum can feel lonely. The attention is really on the baby and less on the mom. So just knowing that other women are experiencing those same feelings and to really take that pressure off to need to feel like yourself again—you will. I know for me, I really struggled with feeling like myself again. It's such a long process. But when you take that pressure off and know that it will come, you will get into a good groove.

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