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The Newborn Parents' Guide to Valentine’s

The Newborn Parents' Guide to Valentine’s

Whether you'll have a baby in tow this Valentine's Day because it's (a) easier than getting a sitter, or (b) you're not quite ready to leave your little one yet (both are totally valid), here are some tried-and-true tips for enjoying it as a party of three.

And if baby isn't due for a few more months, feel free to save these for later. They hold up for date night year-round!

Tip 01 | Cuddle up 
If you're planning on leaving the house, make your Solly Wrap part of the plan. Nurse, burp, change the diaper, (maybe nurse again) and put on your wrap before heading out. If you're walking to your date night spot, you can lull baby to sleep en-route. If you drive, having your wrap tied on when you arrive will ease the car-to-wrap transition and allow for a good, long nap through dinner. 

Tip 02 | Go for short + sweet
Instead of dinner and drinks, consider going out for just appetizers, dessert, or drinks. Planning for a shorter window out of the house will help to keep things feeling manageable for everyone—and everyone knows apps and desserts are the best parts of a dining out anyway!

Tip 03 | Keep it simple
If leaving the house feels overwhelming or doesn't sound fun, make it a date night at home. Order takeout, light some candles, and put on a favorite playlist. Bonus: If baby starts crying, you won't have to stress about other people being around to witness.

Tip 04 | Clarify expectations
Ease day-of pressure by communicating expectations for intimacy and celebrating with your partner before V-day. This step makes all the difference! 

Tip 05 | Celebrate your partner
It might be tempting—and easy—to default to talking about your cute third wheel the whole time, but it will be refreshing to focus on each other, too. Try spending some time sharing about the ways you and your partner have grown together in the time since baby was born.

Tip 06 | Show yourself some love
It can be hard to find time for self-care in the midst of round-the-clock feedings and diaper changes and newborn snuggles. Consider doing a little something for you. Think: a solo walk, a new cozy sweatshirt, flowers delivered to your doorstep, or an extra long shower. 



Whatever happens, remember that although it may not be your most romantic Valentine's Day to date, it will definitely be the most love-filled. Experienced moms and dads, what are some ways that you date night with a newborn? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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