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7 Coffee Shop Drinks To Make At Home

7 Coffee Shop Drinks To Make At Home

Truthfully, no cup of coffee is quite as good as the one your favorite barista makes at the shop down the street. But when obtaining that cup of coffee requires packing a diaper bag, loading (and unloading) the car, and spending $7 on a drink you’ll inevitably end up reheating 3 times, it doesn’t always feel worth the effort. 

In case you’re in the mood for something delicious to sip, but not to leave the house, here’s how to make some of your favorite coffee shop drinks at home, inspired by our new Café Collection.


Iced Lavender Latte
The perfect spring and summer drink. Just add in lavender simple syrup to taste (here’s how to make your own), then mix with espresso and milk over ice. It’s delicious mixed with iced coffee and a dash of cream, too!

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Matcha Latte 
Not a coffee gal? This creamy matcha latte recipe from one of our favorite food bloggers and fellow mamas, Molly Yeh, is delicious iced or hot. Our favorite matcha brands? Pique Sun Goddess, Chamberlain, and Golde.

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Nutty Mocha
If you’re the type to always order a specialty drink when you go out for coffee, you'll love this delightful recipe shared by Solly’s Marketing Director. Make your coffee as usual (she uses espresso and milk), then mix in Nutella to taste for a hazelnut twist.

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Café Au Lait
If you love a latte, but don’t have an espresso machine, this drink is the next best thing. Just mix equal parts strong black coffee with the steamed milk of your choice. (This $40 frother works great.)


Honey Cinnamon Latte
If you do happen to have an espresso machine, this latte is simple and delicious. Mix 1-3 tsp of honey with espresso and milk steamed with a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Iced Coffee with Sweet Cream Cold Foam
Can’t get enough of the cold foam craze? Us either. The good news is that making it at home is simpler than you might think! Grab the recipe here.


Let your little join in on the fun with a babyccino—a.k.a steamed milk. Tip: Steam to 130 degrees to ensure it's drinkable right away. 

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