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Gift Guide for Big Siblings

Gift Guide for Big Siblings

With each passing year, the magic of the holidays seems to grow right alongside little ones. The anticipation builds. Their eyes are wider and brighter than before. It’s a sweet and special time when the feeling of it all is just as exciting as whatever is under the tree. Nonetheless, the right gift can bring wonder that lasts well into the new year (and beyond!). Behold, our favorite open-ended, creativity-inspiring, kid-approved gifts to give, curated especially with big brothers and big sisters in mind.


Young girl with dark skin tone smiles while wearing stuffed animal in the Solly Dolly Wrap
Solly Dolly Wrap
It doesn’t get more darling than this. Wrap up a miniature version of mom and dad’s Solly, so they can wrap up their beloved stuffie, just like you. Pro tip: Gift yourself a matching wrap


Young girl with light skin tone plays with colorful magnetic blocks on window sill
Designed for ages 3+, these magnetic building blocks inspired endless creation and innovation—and promise to stay in heavy rotation for years. 


Adult sits on floor stacking rainbow, foam stepping stones
Staplestein Stepping Stones
Use them as stepping stones, stack them as a stool, turn them upside down as bowls, keep them inside or take them out … the possibilities are endless and the quality, impeccable.


Book with title "Little Big Girl" with illustrated girl and baby on cover
Little Big Girl Book
For the big-sis-to-be, a sweet primer on her new role. 


Young girl taking photo of her mother and baby sibling
Kidamento Digital Camera
 // Designed for small hands and wrapped in an adorable food-grade silicone case, this pint-size digital camera takes real photos, so your little one can take a turn behind the camera.


Desktop with book and watercolor set
Mideer Watercolor Notebook
 // With built-in pigments, all you need is a brush dipped in water to start painting a mess-free masterpiece. Maybe it’s the mom in us, but we can’t help but think it would make the perfect activity to occupy budding artists during those inevitable nursing sessions on the go.


Child sitting on the floor stirring silk fabric in a pot with a wisk
Sarah’s Silks Playsilks
From fort to cape to doll blanket, these beloved playsilks bring endless fun. They can even be used as gift wrap for a present that’s two in one. 


Toddle playing with wooden toy doctor set
Doctor Kit
Playing doctor is practically a rite of passage, and if big brother or sister has joined on any of your prenatal appointments or baby’s well-checks, they’ll no doubt be eager to reenact the experience. Plus, if you volunteer to be the sick patient, you may even buy yourself a few minutes lying down on the sofa while doc checks your vitals. 


Set of plastic animal toys (hippo, baby cheetah, zebra, and giraffe)
Schleich Animals
You can never have too many of these quality, detailed animal figurines from the nearly 100-year-old Schleich brand. Gift one or two at a time, and grow your collection as you go. Our kiddos turn to these animals time and again and have played with them for years! 

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