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Behind the Seams | The Stormy Coastal Collection

Behind the Seams | The Stormy Coastal Collection

Inspired by the ever-changing tides of postpartum days, Solly Baby's Stormy Coastal Collection is designed to help you navigate the uncharted waters of new parenthood with calm + confidence.


Join us in lusting after the newest hues of the beloved Solly Wrap + cloud-soft baby essentials below. Plus, Creative Director Chelsey spills the inside scoop on the jaw-dropping photo shoot, including unexpected weather + hilarious babes.


 Mother holds baby in Stormy Houndstooth Solly Wrap    Close up image of double-knit Stormy Houndstooth print

// Stormy Houndstooth //
Double-knit for extra coziness + reversible to suit your mood, this special-edition fabric was born for chilly weather.
// Highland Lace //
Delicate yet durable to remind you there is room for beauty in the hard work of motherhood.
Mother kissing baby barefoot on the beach    Close up of Swell fabric 

// Swell //
An ode to swollen bellies, broken waters, waves of contractions...and the depths of wonder in it all.
Close up of Sea Stone fabric    Mother's blond hair blows in the wind while holding baby in Sea Stone Solly Wrap

// Sea Stone //
Understated. Steadfast. This grounding olive-grey grows softer with every season it weathers.
 Mother holds baby in Cacao Solly Wrap    Close up of Cacao fabric

// Cacao // 
Bring warmth and richness to the everyday with this dusty chocolate brown with notes of grey.
 Close up of Solly fabric in Petal    Smiling baby wearing a Solly Sleeper in Petal, sitting in mothers lap

// Petal //
A barely pink with grey undertones to inspire softness and grace as you find your way through the newness of it all.



Our Creative Director Chelsey shares what was happening behind the camera during our Stormy Coastal photo shoot on the English coast.


pluviophile [ ploo-vee-uh-fahyl ]  noun 1. someone who thrives on gloomy weather.


On sheep, cliffs, and magical beaches

For this shoot, we were on location in Whitsand Bay in Cornwall, England. The rugged coastlines are just absolutely stunning. Fields of cows and sheep at the top of the cliffs, and then the cliff sides are dotted with little beach cottages, each cottage reached only by stone path lined with wild blackberry hedges. When we first arrived, the tide was high and no beach was exposed. But as the day progressed, the most stunning beach opened below us, and we just had to dip our toes in—baby's, too.

English coastline    Mom bending down to hold the hands of her baby. Both barefoot with feet in the waves on a sandy beach


On sunshine on a cloudy day

It's rare that I'm hoping for storm clouds on a shoot day, but for our Stormy Coastal Collection I really wanted it to feel a bit gloomy and cozy. I hoped to capture the postpartum feelings of life being out of control but filled with snuggles, even if it's a snuggle while everyone is simultaneously crying.

 Mother holding up baby in the air with blue skies in the background    Mother smiling while holding baby in the Stormy Houndstooth Solly Wrap with blue skies and ocean in the background

My grandmother always joked, "There are a few things in life that can never be planned. Two of them are the weather and babies." The week of our shoot, the weather predicted cloud cover, but to my dismay, it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day.


On scrumptious models

One of the things I love about photographing babies is seeing how each one reacts to the sound of the camera. Some of them find it hilarious while others find it so curious. One of the babies on this shoot was really skeptical about the camera and the whole process and kept giving a "bombastic side eye" in every photo.

 Baby giving "side eye" glance at the camera being held in the Solly Wrap in Swell    Smiling baby with chubby cheeks being held by smiling mom    

I also love watching a baby's fascination with being outside. I think it must be such a sensory experience. I am amazed at how often taking just a small walk outside helps to calm a fussy baby.


On favorites from the collection

It's always hard to pick a favorite, but I really love Sea Stone and Stormy Houndstooth. Sea Stone is just that perfect greenish gray that feels neutral but still colorful.

 Mother holds baby in Sea Stone Solly Wrap with her hair blowing in the wind    Mother glancing away while holding baby in the Solly Wrap in Stormy Houndstooth on the coast

Stormy Houndstooth is so exciting to me because it's our first double-knit. This means that it's thicker than our traditional wrap, but with the same buttery-softness. The double-knit process is essentially knitting two layers at the same time, which gives the fabric beautiful texture and pattern on both sides. I love the reversible nature of this wrap and could totally see people wearing it either way.

The Stormy Coastal Collection including Solly Baby Wraps, Sleepers, Crib Sheets, Swaddles, and Knotted Hats is available now at

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