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Bedtime with Our Agnes and the Sheep Collection

Bedtime with Our Agnes and the Sheep Collection

Create a storybook ending to your day with our Agnes and the Sheep Collection. Inspired by Elle Rowley's charming children's book, Agnes and the Sheep, with hand-painted illustrations by Clare Therese Gray

The collection includes soothing bath goods from Tubby Todd, buttery-soft bedtime essentials (think crib sheets, swaddles and sleepers) from Solly Baby, and, of course, coordinating toddler and big kids pajamas from Plain Jane.

Counting sheep has never been sweeter, thanks to this darling collection, but there are a few things beyond cute jammies you can do to encourage successful slumber. Keep reading for our favorite steps for a soothing bedtime routine for baby (and toddler, too!).

Tips for Bedtime Baths
A warm bath before bed is shown to promote good sleep, and the repetition in your nightly routine can help cue your little one that bedtime is near. Here's how to make the most of the time in the tub.

01. Put the phone and tablets away. Use this time for screen-free connection.
02. Read a story while they soak in the suds.
03. Splash and laugh. Sing your favorite songs, be silly and remember bathtime is as much about connection as it is getting clean.
04. Be creative with bath toys. Whisks, measuring cups and spoons are easy favorites.
05. Lotion up after bathtime. Baby and toddlers love hydrating massages to relax.

Tips for a Dreamy Transition
With toddlers, it can be tricky to switch from playing to resting. But a lighthearted, cozy and consistent rhythm can help ease the transition.

01. Let them help pick their pajamas! And pick yours, too! Don't forget to get yourself cozy during this process. Kids love to be a part of the decision-making and it’s an easy way to help them enjoy the routine.
02. Before you snuggle up and get cozy, make sure the teeth are nice and clean! It might help for you to take turns brushing, so they can get in on the action and you can make sure those pearly whites are properly polished.
03. Create a super cozy space with soft lighting and a spot to snuggle up together for a few minutes before bed. There's nothing more comforting than being cuddled up with the ones you love.
Tips for Making the Most of a Bedtime Story

At the end of the day, it can be tempting to skim quickly through a story to keep things moving along. But a bedtime story is worth your time! Whenever you can, slow down to reap the benefits of reading aloud to your little one.

Reading aloud...

01. Creates connection and builds your lifelong bond with each other.

02. Supports early literacy by introducing the skills baby will need to read on their own someday.

03. Boosts baby's vocabulary by exposing them to words they might not otherwise hear.

04. Stimulates brain cell connections at an early age, optimizing brain development.

05. Fosters a lifelong love of learning and often results in higher language skills by the time they reach school-age.

06. Has scientifically proven benefits but isn't rocket science! There's no right or wrong way to do it. Read all the words. Just talk about the pictures. Go page by page. Skip around. Snuggle up. Read from across the room. Whatever you do, follow baby's cues and trust it's all exactly what baby needs.

Tips for Creating a Safe + Serene Sleep Environment
Want to set the stage for sleep success? (Resounding yes!) These simple steps can help create the ideal sleep environment.

01. Make it dark. You won't regret blackout shades to signal slumber time.

02. Keep it cool. Aim for 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.

03. Make some noise. Add a sound machine to drown out other noises.

05. Soothe with swaddling. Reduce baby's startle reflex, which might otherwise cause them to wake, by swaddling babes who can't yet roll over (if they like it).

05. Play it safe. Ensure the sleep space is firm, flat, and free of loose blankets + stuffies.

06. Dress the part. A wearable blanket is a safe and easy way to keep baby cozy.

07. Manage your expectations. Know it might take a while for you and baby to settle into a routine—and be generous with grace for both of you in the meantime.

Wishing both parents and babes the sweetest (and longest!) of dreams! What are your secrets to sleep success? Share your bedtime routine with #bedtimewithagnes.

Add the book for just $12 to any Agnes Collection order. (No code needed.) 

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