Ask Morgan: Wearing Baby After A C-Section

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Perhaps your birth plan didn’t go as planned and you ended up with an emergency C-section. Or perhaps your birth plan did go as planned, and your scheduled C-section went smoothly and successfully. Either way, your plan to wear your baby in your Solly Wrap postpartum need not be derailed. The Solly Wrap can be used safely after a C-section to gently ease baby’s transition from womb to world.

Whether you’re looking to snuggle baby close or are feeling up for taking a brief walk or even tackling a couple chores, here are a few tips + guidelines for using the Solly after a C-section that promise to help keep both you and baby comfortable and supported as you recover from your birth experience.

Note: This information is in regards to caregivers following a “typical” C-section. If you had a vertical C-section or other extenuating circumstances then these may not apply to you. We always recommend connecting with your medical professional prior to wearing baby in any style or brand carrier under special or extenuating circumstances.

Because baby should be wrapped high and tight, the wrap and where you tie your double knot should not come anywhere near your incision site. This is what is so great about the Solly (along with woven wraps and ring slings in general). Carriers such as soft-structured buckle carriers cannot be used until later following a C-section as the waistband falls at or near the incision site. If you tie baby on in your wrap and find they do touch or irritate your incision, take them out and retie your wrap. Remember that where you cross your “X” in front will determine how high or low baby sits. (I typically suggest making the “X” right around the bottom of your sternum.) 

My top tip for babywearing after a C-section is take it slow. Some caregivers can wear baby two days following a C-section, whereas some it takes a month or more to feel ready. Listen to your body and start with short stints of wearing. You can even wear baby skin-to-skin while seated. 

Everyone’s body heals and reacts differently to surgery, so it is hard to put blanket guidelines on wearing following a C-section. However, if you are cleared to carry baby in arms, you are typically cleared to wear baby as well. Still, do not hesitate to reach out to your medical professional for clarification.

Please know you are welcome (and encouraged!) to me send a photo of you and baby wrapped for a fit check. (Just drop me a quick email at, or DM me on Instagram at @sollybabyadvice.) With a simple snapshot, I’ll be able to confirm you and baby are properly and well-supported, and I can recommend simple adjustments that may be helpful. I also offer private virtual consults and would be happy to connect this way. (These complimentary sessions are very casual, so don’t be intimidated!) I have 20-minute time slots available on Monday afternoons. Here is the calendar for scheduling, if you are interested.