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Ask Morgan: Tips for Cold-Weather Babywearing

Ask Morgan: Tips for Cold-Weather Babywearing

Baby, it’s cold outside! Even so, you can absolutely still wear baby outside.

While we often talk about how breathable the Solly Wrap is for warm weather, it also makes for a cozy extra layer in the fall and winter. As you get ready to venture out in the brisk weather with your little one, here are some tips for keeping baby safe and comfortable. 


Blond woman holds baby in Sea Stone Solly Wrap, wrapped in a cardigan on the English Coast

Layer up

A good rule of thumb when babywearing in cold weather is to dress baby in one more layer than you’re wearing. Start simple with something like long sleeves and pants. Then add layers to their extremities—socks, booties, a hat, etc. Note: Your wrap counts as a layer!

As for you, consider starting with a base layer such as a long-sleeve shirt or sweater, and then tying on your wrap. Once baby is in, you can add another layer around both of you. Think: an open cardigan, jacket or coat. You can even wear a maternity or men’s jacket to zip around both of you—just stop zipping a little more than halfway up.


 Woman with curly hair looks down at baby in Swell Solly wrap

Layer down

When baby is wrapped up close to you, they’ll get a lot of warmth from your body heat, and vice versa. It can actually be easier for baby to overheat than to get too cold, so keep an eye out for signs of baby being too warm (like flushed cheeks) and remove layers if necessary.  


Mother lays head on sleeping baby in Stormy Houndstooth Solly wrap on English coastline

Go for double

The weather outside might be frightful, but our new double-knit wrap makes every outing delightful. The first of its kind, this special-edition wrap is made with two layers of our signature TENCEL™ Modal fabric, so it's extra cozy during cooler months. And the best part? It’s reversible to match whatever mood (or outfit) you’re in. 


Mother looks down at her sleeping baby in Camel Solly wrap


Avoid obstruction

As always, be sure that baby’s face and airways are visible and completely unobstructed—never covered by a jacket, scarf, or blanket. Keep baby high and tight, close enough to kiss, and in an upright position facing you with baby’s chin off their chest. Here's a helpful checklist to walk through each time you wear baby.


Mother holding baby's toes wrapped while babywearing


Watch those toes

If baby is in footed pajamas, make sure they have some wiggle room in the feet, so those tiny toes aren't getting squished. It may help to tug on the footed part just a bit after you get them in the wrap to ensure they're right where they need to be.


Woman with long black hair looks at baby wrapped in the Petal Solly Wrap

Keep your wrap clean + dry

If you don’t want your wrap to drag in a wet parking lot or snow, you can tie it on at home before venturing out. Or, try one of these options for tying on-the-go.




Have any other questions about your wrap? Reach out for a fit check, get custom tips, or take a look at our tutorials. We’re always here to help!

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