Ask Morgan: Cold Weather Babywearing

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Stem wrap // Mist Sleeper

The Solly Baby Wrap is designed for use in all seasons—and while we often talk about how breathable it is for summer (it is!), it also makes for a cozy extra layer in winter. But how can you make sure baby isn’t chilly (or overheated) as you navigate cooler temps? Here are a few tips.

When babywearing in cold weather, it is best to dress baby in layers. It can actually be much easier for baby to overheat than to be too cold. So, keep an eye out for little flushed cheeks and monitor their extremities while you’re out.

When baby is wrapped up close to you, they’ll get a lot of warmth from your body heat. (And vice versa.) By dressing in layers, you can always take baby out and take off a layer or two as you both warm up.

A good rule of thumb is that baby will likely be comfortable in one more layer than you’re wearing—and the wrap counts as a layer. So start simple, with long sleeves and long pants, and add layers to their extremities first—booties, a hat, etc. Many little ones like to keep their hands tucked in, so you’ll likely not need to worry about mittens. In most circumstances, something as bulky as a snowsuit is not necessary while in the Solly Wrap.

As for you, consider starting with a long-sleeve shirt or sweater, and then tying on the wrap. Once baby is in, you can add a layer around you—think button-down shirt, unbuttoned; an open cardigan; or a jacket or coat. You can even wear a maternity or men’s jacket to zip around both of you—just stop zipping a little more than halfway up. There is the option of a babywearing coat, too.

With any of these options, remember that baby's face and airways should always be visible and unobstructed. Baby's face should never be fully covered by any portion of a jacket, carrier, scarf, hat, blanket etc. Baby should be high and tight, close enough to kiss, and in an upright tummy-to-tummy position facing you with baby's chin off of their chest.

If baby is in footed pajamas, check to be sure they have some wiggle room in the feet, so those tiny toes aren't getting squished.

If you don't want the wrap to drag in a wet parking lot or snow, you can tie it on at home before venturing out, try one of these hacks for tying on on-the-go, and use this method of taking baby out (the demo starts at the 25:25-minute mark).

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