A Fun Foraged Floral DIY

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Looking for a simple-yet-fun activity to do with your kiddos this spring? This two-part project promises plenty of fun with minimal effort—and is the perfect way to entertain older siblings while baby is snuggled up on your chest. 

Part one: Get outdoors

Go for a nature walk in your neighborhood! Take a basket or bag with you to collect foliage along the way. Probably best to skip snipping your neighbor's prize-winning roses, but your kiddos will no doubt find plenty of of colorful flowers, greenery, leaves and dried berries to create the masterpiece. Let them take charge of collecting—the more variety, the better. 

Part two: Get crafty

What you'll need:

Step 01. Cut out your printable, and, if your kiddo is old enough, have them trace it with a marker onto the piece of cardboard.  

Step 02. Cut out the cardboard shape, and use scissors to poke holes into your creation. It's a good idea to wait to do this part until after you've collected your foliage because you never know what size stems you may find.

Step 03. Get creative! Invite your little ones to color in the shape with markers, or even paint it if you don't mind a little mess. It will be significantly easier to color the base before you add your flora, so make sure to do that first. 

Step 04. Arrange your flowers and greens by poking the stems through the holes in the cardboard.

Step 05. Trim any excess length from the stems after they've been poked through.

That's it! A super simple, spring-inspired activity that you and your crew can enjoy together. If you make one, don't forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see! 


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