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5 Reasons To Wear Your Baby This Holiday Season

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The holidays bring so much hustle and bustle this time of year. From wrapping gifts and decorating to attending school events and family gatherings, your plate is likely overflowing (and not just with festive cookies!). Having your babe sleeping peacefully at your heart can make the season easier to navigate and all the more magical. (Plus, it gives you two hands free to sip eggnog and nibble those aforementioned cookies!)


Here are our top 5 reasons why babywearing will make your holidays merry and bright.

  1. Routine // Babywearing will help you and your baby stick to the routine you have at home, no matter where your holiday outings take you. From shopping to parties to caroling, you'll be able to nestle your baby into the Wrap or Loop so they can join in the fun or snooze right through it, all according to schedule.
  2. Germs // Holiday festivities might be the first time family or friends meet your baby, which could mean a lot of eager kisses and well-intentioned cheek pinches. Between colds, flu and COVID, it will put your mind at ease to know your little one is tucked away and largely out of reach. Pro tip: A snuggly babe is the perfect reason Aunt Sally can't hold Baby Johnny—no one wants to disrupt a contented baby.
  3. An extra hand // Mamas might seem like they have wayyyy more than two hands thanks to all the masterful juggling, they do, but really, more often than not, they could use an extra one. Keeping your hands free while your babe is in the wrap is a total game-changer, no matter the season. Do the dishes, write the cards, help big siblings with crafts—the opportunities are endless! As an extra bonus, all your pics will automatically have the cutest photo-bomber of all time.
  4. Feeds // Feeding on the go is a breeze when you are wearing your baby! Whether you bottle- or breastfeed, our Wrap and Loop are both feeding friendly. Watch a tutorial here. (Need an excuse to escape to a quiet room? Just say it's time to feed the baby and take them out to feed in peace. Pop them back in after the feeding and rejoin the festivities!)
  5. Warmth // Baby, it’s cold outside! Who doesn’t want a portable space heater when the temps drop? Wearing your baby is a guaranteed way to keep both of you nice and cozy, so there’s no concern about Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Just follow these tips for how to dress for winter babywearing.

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