5 Beautiful Ways to Pay Tribute To Your Mom This Mother's Day

5 Beautiful Ways to Pay Tribute To Your Mom This Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is just around the corner, and we're gearing up to celebrate the cherished women in our lives in ways that are both meaningful + heartfelt.

The mother-child relationship is beautiful if sometimes complicated. So whether the day is about spotlighting your actual mom or a special “mother figure,” there are plenty of ways to can pay tribute to the maternal treasures in your life. (And for anyone whom the holiday feels especially hard/lonely/triggering/etc., we're sending you a great big hug and all the love.)

Write a letter

Whether your mom is still here with you or not, writing a letter is a beautiful way to pay tribute. You might choose to keep the letter intimate—just between the two of you. Or you might publish it on your blog, social media, etc., for all the world to see. Everyone has different preferences, but putting pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard/phone—is one of the most heartfelt ways you can show your person you love her.

Adopt something in her honor

Does she have a huge heart for animals? Maybe she’s a fellow aesthete who appreciates the beauty of the stars? You can “adopt” these things in her honor with a simple donation. Adopt her favorite endangered animal or name a star after her. It’s a thoughtful and impactful way to pledge your love.

Fill up her cup

Start with scraps of cute paper, and on each one, write down a thing you love about your mom or mother figure. Put them in a decorated jar and label it: “Reasons I Love My Mom.” (This is where we admit this project is a holdover from our nanny days and attest the lucky mamas who received one always cried…a lot.) The jar will be a fixture on the recipient's nightstand for years to come—it's all but guaranteed.

Lift up other mamas

On her behalf, make a donation to an organization serving mothers in need. You won’t have any trouble finding one: teen pregnancy centers, battered women’s shelters, single moms on welfare. Talk to her about some options and find out which one she would most like to help.

Plant her a garden

You can keep it simple with a planted pot or go all out with a garden box or even entire backyard. Whatever you choose, planting flowers and trees is a beautiful way to honor both her and Mother Earth. Bonus points if you add a cute little sign or plaque to commemorate the planting.

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