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20 Mamas Share Their Covid-19 Birth Stories

These 20 mamas gave birth during the worldwide pandemic—and have the most beautiful, inspiring stories to tell about it. 🕊️ (That anesthesiologist.😭) If you're expecting in the coming months and wonder what your experience might be like, find reassurance in their tales and and encouragement in their wisdom.

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This is baby No. 3 for me. I appreciated being able to focus on myself and what was going on at the time. All the love and support of family and friends is loved and appreciated, but sometimes during delivery it’s hard to just have no worries and focus on yourself. I didn’t have to be dressed for visitors, ask people to leave the room when I needed to use the bathroom or be checked. I was able to relax and focus on preparing physically and mentally for delivery.
My advice is this, tell the staff (MDs, nurses) what your fears/concerns are and what you need. They understand how devastating the circumstances are right now, and in my experience, they will do everything they can to accommodate you and to make you feel safe and comfortable.
I just had my second son on Monday… Having my husband there for support made all the difference. While we were sad our first son could not meet his baby brother in the hospital, we enjoyed the quiet time we had to bond without having constant visitors. For any mama expecting during this pandemic, try to enjoy the REAL bonding time.
Changing expectations and mourning plans is okay and normal. I’ve had to focus on how lucky I am that my husband and I get to be home together and get to know our daughter with fewer distractions. My husband is working from home and has been able to help me so much more than he would have otherwise been able to.
About to leave the hospital… Being here was like a calm during the storm. We totally forgot about Covid (minus a little mask wearing that starts to feel normal) and felt so taken care of and loved by every nurse, doctor, tech.
I delivered in NYC on 3/21. While it was unnerving to be delivering during a pandemic, the staff were amazing and supportive and so encouraging, reminding us to be kind to ourselves, give ourselves space and grace… several things that didn’t go “as planned”, but I had to be flexible. That for me has been the key during this crazy time. I stayed focused on having a healthy baby and not dwelling on what could have been, or being hard on myself.
Had a premature baby on March 12th! Baby is still at the NICU and I’m going in and out of a hospital every day to see him… My advice is to not focus on the things you can’t control. You can’t control the pandemic, the hospital, the changes around you. Focus on your family. Focus on your baby. Focus on yourself. Hydrate. That’s it. One day at a time.
I think my best advice is, if you need help, or if your anxiety is too much, speak up- don’t wait, don’t think you can handle it, don’t talk yourself out of it... needing help is ok. Talk to your midwife, your doctor, a friend, parent, therapist. This time is a lot to navigate without this virus, let alone with it.
I had a baby ten weeks early right before all the lockdowns started. We are on week 9 in the NICU, and while it has been hard and so sad not being able to be together as a family of 4… it has given me really special one on one time with our son that would not have happened otherwise. Here’s what I know: it will end. So I feel all the feelings and come back to thankfulness. Brand-new babies have a way of putting everything into perspective.
From the moment I walked into the hospital, I felt a huge sense of calm… Honestly, for the 3 days I was in the hospital, I didn’t think about COVID once. I felt safe, I felt cared for by an incredible team of nurses and doctors, and I ended up having a great experience even in the face of trying times. My advice to soon-to-be-mamas: let nurses know how you’re feeling and if there is any sorrow you’re experiencing. When I told nurses how sad I was my mom couldn’t be there, they always did their best to radiate so much love and warmth to me, PPE-clad and all, to try and fill that hole. It made a huge difference!
My husband and I tested positive for COVID approx 3 weeks and 1 week, respectively, before I was supposed to be induced… At my rescheduled induction I was still testing positive but my care team was all on the same page in regards to not separating me from baby, which I am so thankful for. I ended up having a C-section due to baby being in a weird position. All people in the OR were in pressurized suits and my husband was allowed in. I wasn’t able to do skin-to-skin immediately after delivery and wore a mask while holding baby and breastfeeding while in the hospital and at home for a few days.
Only my husband and I were there—not my mom nor doula could be there, and I was so upset and anxious. BUT! It ended up being a blessing in disguise because it was so intimate, and I was able to focus and have the natural labor I wanted! I labored does 24 hours! I’d say pray, take the labor for what it is and know that it’ll make for a great birth story to your child one day!
Our daughter was born 3/12. We were not allowed visitors in the hospital which turned out to be so restful. The staff was amazing and we felt completely supported and safe. Our 2-year-old has loved having both parents home and I think not having people over to shower attention on the baby has helped with the transition of gaining a sibling. I’m really proud of our little family at home for taking such good care of each other.
I had my second baby by planned c-section on 15 April. My husband was there for the birth but couldn’t spend much time at the hospital during my recovery, as lockdown meant we did not have childcare. Initially I was terrified about not having my husband with me in those first few days of my daughter’s life, but it turned out to be a beautiful, quiet time in which I really got to know her.

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