5 ways to help new moms:

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Solly   Having been the recipient of help from friends and family after 3 babies, and the giver many times throughout my mamahood, I'm always creating a mental checklist of ways to REALLY help moms with newborns.  
  My top 5: + Food! When we need it most, but our energy or attention needs to be on other little people and things. A meal, fresh or frozen, healthy but yummy snacks (Trader Joe's makes it easy), her favorite treat, or some fresh bread or fruit goes a long way. + Quick, thoughtful visits! Just showing up can mean the world--check in on her, ask her how she's feeling, offer to hold the baby while she's takes a shower; don't talk about yourself and don't stay long! + A simple, meaningful gift. A candle, fresh flowers, or something useful like some new soap, cozy socks, or a Wrap really help and say "I care" during a big life change. Even better, show her how to use her wrap if she already has one and wants to learn (because this is not the time for unsolicited advice ;). + Remember brother/sister. Something for any older children in the house to do, like a craft kit, play-dough, stickers, or Dolly wrap (just like mama) can be a lifesaver when days adjusting at home feel stretched. + Be encouraging! Tell her she's doing such a good job, that she looks beautiful, that her baby is perfect and that you are there to help! That's all we really want to hear, right?
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