Small Talk with Great Love | Ep 005 | Debunking Baby Sleep Myths with Kensey Butkevich, Sleep Consultant

Small Talk with Great Love | Ep 005 | Debunking Baby Sleep Myths with Kensey Butkevich, Sleep Consultant

Question No.1 -- What’s your philosophy when it comes to helping mamas get the sleep they need? Is sleep training the only way to get little ones to sleep through the night?

  • Sleep training/teaching/learning doesn’t have to mean cry it out.
  • Sleep is very grey and every child is different.
  • Sleep comes down to genetics (late risers, etc.), temperament, and development.
  • Look at what each child’s needs are, what parents’ values are, and what the family as a whole needs.
  • Parent sleep is equally as important.

Question No. 2 -- You have a newborn and a toddler! What advice do you have for parents struggling with getting baby No. 2 down for a nap while also dealing with older siblings?

  • With the second baby you’re different, you know it will end.
  • It doesn’t get easier, it just gets different.
  • Let go of what you “should be doing” and do what works right now.
  • As long as baby is safe, do what works for you.

Question No. 3 -- If you could only share one piece of advice for new moms about how to set their family up for successful sleep, what would it be?

  • You can’t perfect something that isn’t supposed to be perfected.
  • Don’t look everywhere for advice, listen to a few experts who you align with.
  • Your child’s sleep problems are not your fault.

Question No. 4 -- What can mamas expect from a 1:1 Expectful consultation with you? Are there any other support options you offer?

  • Sleep support
  • Email support for any of your sleep-related questions.


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