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82 Small Things That Show Great Love

82 Small Things That Show Great Love

If you’ve been around long, you know “small things with great love” is kind of our M.O. here at Solly Baby. Grand gestures can feel exciting, but it’s the everyday efforts that are often most meaningful when it comes to conveying our affection and appreciation. Because they’re often overlooked, we decided to list out a few (okay, many) examples of these tiny acts of kindness. A lot of them you are probably already part of your repertoire—brava! We hope it feels good to acknowledge all the ways in which you sow your love daily. And if you find a few new-to-you ideas on the list, consider giving them a try when the time feels right. And, of course, if there’s anything we left off the list, please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments, as well!

You show love…

To your partner

  1. When you send them a text midday to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  2. When you ask how their meeting/presentation/lunch/workout went (and then listen for the answer).
  3. When you replace the toothbrushes or put a fresh bar of soap in the shower.
  4. When you ask them if they’re free for a date night on Friday (even if it’s just watching an episode of “Ted Lasso” in bed).
  5. When you tell them how much you enjoyed the dinner they cooked.
  6. When you rave about how good they are at X to your friends/neighbors/parents.
  7. When you remember what they like on their sandwich and surprise them with lunch from your local deli.
  8. When you take five minutes to sit and talk without doing anything else (bonus if you don’t discuss any logistics!).
  9. When you top up their car with gas.
  10. When you send them a song you know they’ll like.
  11. When you tuck a note into their suitcase before their business trip.
  12. When you kiss them goodbye before you head out the door.
  13. When you admire aloud what a good parent they are.
  14. When you send them a throwback photo from early in your relationship.
  15. When you admit you were wrong.
  16. When you appreciate them loading the dishwasher (even if they didn’t arrange the glasses quite the way you would).
  17. When you hold their hand on a family walk.
  18. When you share a sweet/funny story about when you first met.
  19. When you ask them to take a selfie with you.
  20. When you hug them close and mean it.

To your bestie

  1. When you drop off an iced coffee the morning after she’s had a hard night.
  2. When you text her while you’re at Target to see if she needs anything.
  3. When she says “no” but you pick up some hand soap with pretty branding and some infant gas drops anyway.
  4. When you snuggle her babies.
  5. When you fold her laundry while she naps.
  6. When you reply with the perfect meme.
  7. When you check in to see how the appointment went.
  8. When you extend an impromptu invite to meet at the park—just in case she’s needing a way to pass the witching hour, too.
  9. When you watch her kiddos in a pinch during a last-minute meeting.
  10. When you’re vulnerable.
  11. When you hold space for her.
  12. When you drop off pastries the morning after she comes home from the hospital.
  13. When you tell her what a beautiful mother she is.
  14. When you wait patiently when she’s running late.
  15. When you invite her over for delivery pizza and boxed wine.
  16. When you lend her something to wear to that important event.
  17. When you let her see you’re imperfect, too.
  18. When you cry with her.
  19. When you water her plants while she’s out of town.
  20. When you keep an eye out for her kiddos on the playground.

To your baby/children

  1. When you read to them.
  2. When you cuddle them.
  3. When you wash their laundry.
  4. When you provide a meal for them.
  5. When you sing to them.
  6. When you write in their baby book.
  7. When you narrate your day to them.
  8. When you gingerly trim their nails.
  9. When you blow raspberries on their bellies during diaper changes.
  10. When you get up with them at all hours of the night.
  11. When you tour daycares to find the perfect one.
  12. When you leave them with a sitter so you can be the best version of yourself.
  13. When you tend to your relationship with your partner.
  14. When you learn their subtle preferences.
  15. When you wear them in the wrap.
  16. When you deal with their blowout.
  17. When you look them in the eye.
  18. When you bring them with you to check the mail.
  19. When you pause in the middle of cooking dinner to tell them you love them.
  20. When you pick up the toy they dropped for the hundredth time.

To yourself

  1. When you take the time to stretch.
  2. When you give yourself grace.
  3. When you thank your body for all it’s done.
  4. When you write in a journal.
  5. When you read a book.
  6. When you talk aloud to yourself.
  7. When you have an inside joke with yourself.
  8. When you make yourself a meal you love.
  9. When you pass off baby to your partner or friend so you can have a minute.
  10. When you make and keep your postpartum appointment.
  11. When you answer honestly about how you’re feeling postpartum.
  12. When you buy a couple pairs of pants that fit.
  13. When you prioritize sleep.
  14. When you make a plan to see a friend.
  15. When you speak kindly to yourself (whether aloud or in your head).
  16. When set goals and dream.
  17. When you sit outside and close your eyes and feel the sun on your face.
  18. When you wear sunscreen.
  19. When you do something you want to do.
  20. When you say “no.”
  21. When you set boundaries.
  22. When you buy yourself flowers.

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