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4 Honest Ways To Check In On Yourself

4 Honest Ways To Check In On Yourself

Moms are very good at checking in on everyone around them, but they often neglect turning inward when they need it most. Burnout is sneaky, because sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happening until it’s too late.

There are a lot of different culprits of burnout, but most are fostered by the fact that we didn’t check in with ourselves enough before we ran out of fuel.

Whether you’re just starting to feel it peeking in from around the corner or you’re in a full-fledged burnout meltdown, here are some ways you can check in with yourself and be proactive—rather than reactive—when it comes to YOU.

01. When was the last time I said “no”?

Are you saying “yes” to too many things in life that you don’t necessarily want to? Do a quick check-in with yourself to make sure your activities or commitments are in alignment with your priorities and capacity. Because if they don’t check both of those boxes, you’re on a straight path to burnout.

02. Am I focusing on quality or quantity?

When we aren't feeling our best, it's easy to slip into going through the motions rather than being present in our day-to-day. Not because we lack the work ethic, but because we are so depleted that we don’t have any steam left to push us forward. Take a look at the last five tasks you marked off your to-do list. Did you perform them with care? Or were you in a rush to mark them off and did the bare minimum? We all get busy and hurried (babies have a way of doing that to you), but reflect on your most recent completed tasks to see how you subconsciously performed.

03. Am I lacking in the conditions I need to flourish?

What is missing from your day-to-day conditions that would help you perform better? This goes for your home life and work life if you're balancing both. It can also be your mental health and your overall wellness. What could you do to make your surroundings a healthier, happier environment? Make an “ideal scenario” list, and then tackle it step-by-step to see what you can reasonably change.

04. Do I have any limiting beliefs that are causing me to feel burned out?

If you are guided by certain principles, wonderful! Having values is crucial to your happiness and living a fulfilled life. But if you’re stuck in an “all-or-nothing” style of thinking, you could be subconsciously letting your limiting beliefs hold you back from learning and growing. It’s important to have an open mind if you want to thrive in this season. Raising tiny humans changes everything in a way that cracks us wide open and challenges us to rewire our previous ways of thinking. 

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