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Realistic Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day as a New Mom

Realistic Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day as a New Mom

The reality of celebrating Mother’s Day as a new mom often isn’t glamorous. Between round-the-clock feedings, constant diaper changes (for you and baby), and that never-ending pile of tiny laundry, having to get ready and leave the house probably sounds more like another chore than a fun celebration. Still, you’re amazing (!) and deserve to be honored, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite new mom-friendly ways to spend Mother’s Day. Think low-key, but still special. Happy Mother’s Day, mama. 

Enjoy coffee and breakfast in bed
You’ll both be up at midnight (and 2 am, and 4 am) the night before anyways, so give your spouse your coffee order in advance and let them pick it up for you while you feed again at 7 am. A bagel with all the fixings pairs perfectly with a latte and very little sleep, too. 

Stay in your pajamas all day
Or your favorite lounge set. No need to spend time getting ready or putting on makeup because the only plans you’ve got are to sleep while the baby sleeps or sit on a picnic blanket in the yard if the weather is nice. And you only have to shower if you want to.

Spa day at home
Put your partner in charge of the kids while you enjoy a long, hot shower or a luxurious soak in the bath. Do the self-care things you always mean to do but don’t have time for: a face mask, dry brush, gua sha, or maybe just taking extra time to put lotion on your legs.

Get a pedicure
Treat yourself to the fancy option with the hot stones and lotion massage. Bring that book or magazine that you’ve been meaning to read, or maybe just close your eyes and enjoy an hour where you’re the one being taken care of.

Woman holds hand of young son and walks on nature trail while wearing baby in Coastal Solly Wrap

Go for a walk
Solo, with baby wrapped up against your chest, or as a family. Enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping, put on your favorite podcast, or enjoy good conversation. Let the magic of vitamin D and movement do its work.

Bake with the bigs
Spend quality time with the big siblings while baby naps by making this Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble together. It takes 20 minutes to prep, makes a delightful dessert, and they’ll love mixing the butter and oats together with their hands.

Get dinner delivered
Because you’re not ready to leave new baby with a sitter and both of you are way too tired to cook. Mom gets to pick the place (obviously) and since you’re already ordering out anyways, you might as well get dessert, too. 

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