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How to Savor Spring When You’re Blooming

How to Savor Spring When You’re Blooming

Nine months of pregnancy can span the seasons in so many unique ways. Summer babes and winter babes can mean very different things for mama. For example: Your second and third-trimester bump wardrobe either has to flex with the need for many layers or you’re figuring out how to wear as little as possible without having a full-on Rihanna moment.

Whether you’re expecting or newly postpartum, an ability to adapt is key. Your health and baby’s is priority No. 1, but if that looks like slowing down, resting more, and focusing on what’s right in front of you, major FOMO can follow. Here are our 5 tips for making the most of Earth’s transition into the fullness of summer even when you might not be your springiest self.

Bring the outside in

Maybe a long spring walk is just what the doctor ordered for this phase of your pregnancy. But if taking it easy is what’s on the menu, we recommend bringing the outside in. Keep fresh flowers in as many rooms as you can. Make a quick stop at the farmers market flower stand your weekly date with yourself. Watching flowers slowly open, peak, and eventually wane is a quiet reminder of the beautiful and complex cycles of life. And don’t flowers just make everyone feel a little bit happier?

Let in the light

If we’re feeling a little homebound (like for the past two years?), opening the shades is a quick and easy way to connect with the outside world. Get out the glass cleaner and tackle all those smudges so you can delight in the simple pleasure of warm sunlight that will stretch into your home. Sitting directly in a sunbeam is a recipe for a nearly instant positive mood and energy shift. 

Refresh a room

What room(s) do you spend the most time in at home? With the outside world changing rapidly as winter fades away, an intentional way to keep pace from home is to do some easy swaps that make your spaces feel fresh and inviting again. This can be as simple as changing your bedsheets, replacing a few throw pillows on the sofa, changing out the hand soap in the bathrooms to a spring-inspired natural scent. Also see, tip No. 1. 

A short(er) wrap ‘n walk

Did you know your wrap can be used as extra support for your growing belly? If you haven’t already taken your wrap out of the box to practice babywearing on a stuffed animal, it can also immediately double as a way to take a little pressure off your back and pelvis. If a long, luxurious walk feels like a no-go right now, a short (and slow) stroll at a park or down an in-bloom street with your wrap snug around your belly might be just the thing you need.

Establish a new ritual

Having things to look forward to (besides your baby coming!) in the run-up to your due date is so needed for a mama’s mental health. There’s a huge transition on the horizon and we need some little stepping stones of joy to help us get there. Maybe this looks like a regular appointment to get a pedicure or a prenatal massage. Or, this could be as simple as a daily ritual of mint iced tea on a sunny porch. Make it special. Make it yours. Whether this baby is your first or your third, you know how precious time becomes. Savor a little bit for you on the regular, right now.

Are you expecting a spring or summer babe? Tell us how you’re making the most of this time before baby arrives! And remember, sometimes making the most of something means going the easiest on yourself.


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