How To Create The Perfect Staycation If You’re Having Summer Vacation FOMO

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When you’ve just given birth and you’re spending the majority of your days at home in a milky haze, you might find yourself with a serious case of summer vacation FOMO. As much fun as it would be to jump on a plane and head somewhere tropical this summer, it might not be feasible (financially or logistically) with a new babe in tow. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a summer break, too! Staying at home doesn’t have to be a total snooze (although these days maybe you’d like some extra Z’s?). Having a summer staycation is a chance to get out of your everyday routine, make memories, and be a tourist in your own city—no passport required.

Make a Staycation Schedule

Before you embark on your staycation, set a plan in place. Without a staycation schedule, it will be easy for you to fall into the usual routine. By having a plan in advance, you can make any preparations necessary. Then all you need to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy those sweet babe snuggles.

Cut the Distractions

One of the best things about traveling is stepping out of the day-to-day, unplugging, and enjoying time with the family. Recreate that feeling at home by turning off devices for the day. (Now, if your ideal staycation includes binge-watching Netflix, have at it. But maybe slow the IG scroll and enjoy some social media-free time for 24 hours?)

Curate your happy place

I remember when I would stay home sick from school, my mom would create this magical bed-couch scenario and it was amazing. Grab your favorite pillows, light your favorite candles and make yourself a staycation haven. 

Create spa moments

Even if you can’t spend a whole day for a spa retreat, you can create spa "moments" throughout the day! Arrange with your partner to take turns sleeping in. A good night of sleep and not needing to rush out of bed feels like a treat. Run a bath with some beautiful bath salts. Set the mood with a dreamy candle and some relaxing music. Infuse sparkling water or coconut water with fruit, mint or cucumber and keep it nearby.

Treat your tastebuds

No cooking during your staycation! If you’re feeling adventurous, try a farm-to-table restaurant, where you can be in good company and won't need to hassle over cooking and cleaning! If you’re not quite ready to brave a restaurant, visit your local farmers market and pack a picnic to take to a park. For a real treat, get yourself some local artisan chocolate.