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Fund a Village: Our Giving Tuesday Pledge

Fund a Village: Our Giving Tuesday Pledge

This Giving Tuesday, we’re donating 100% of profits + matching your donations dollar for dollar to provide life-saving resources to families in Guatemala.


People walking in remote village in Guatemalan hills

About the Solly Ochoch

We first learned about "The Valley of the Forgotten” in 2019. Located in the remote highlands of Guatemala, this valley is home to some of the most impoverished villages in the country, where communities lack access to even the most basic resources—food, water, medicine, and education. 

After visiting the families of the valley—families just like yours and ours—we knew they were not to be forgotten. We made a pledge to help.

We partnered with our friends at The Humble Village to sponsor the Solly Ochoch, a family resource center that provides life-saving services and life-changing resources to the communities.

Why We Love the Ochoch

  • 100% of funds go directly to the Ochoch.

  • The Ochoch is run in partnership with our friends at The Humble Village, a nonprofit that takes no overhead or administrative costs, thanks to a generous team who volunteer their time and resources.

  • The programs hosted by the Ochoch are designed to be holistic and sustainable, using dollars wisely where it matters most. 

  • With few exceptions, local Guatemalans are the ones who run the programs, making it easier to cultivate trust with the communities and ensure long-term success.


Guatemalan women wearing aprons taking a cooking class

The Ochoch Impact

Take a look at the difference our Solly Ochoch supporters have made since 2019:

  • 91 malnourished children have graduated from our nutritional recuperation program.

  • 2,767 villagers have visited the Ochoch for training.

  • 1,253 health trainings have been completed in families’ homes.

  • 220 families have established kitchen gardens.

  • 180 midwife delivery kits have been donated.


Guatemalan villagers smiling and waving

It Takes a Village

The transformational support of the Ochoch is fully funded by our Solly community. If you’re curious about how you can get involved, here are three ways:
1. Shop to support.
100% of our profits on Giving Tuesday will go to the Solly Ochoch.

2. Donate directly.
We’re matching every donation on Giving Tuesday, dollar for dollar.

3. Spread the word.
Help us to ensure “The Valley of the Forgotten” is forgotten no more. Invite your friends, followers, and loved ones to transform the lives of families in Guatemala. 

Founder, Elle Rowley, smiling with Guatemalan mothers holding babies

Thank You

“I have always believed that it would be mothers who would play a lead role in alleviating the suffering of mothers and babies around the world. I know that this is only one mothers center and Sepalau is a small village and that there is so much more work to do, but just as we do the small things for our babies every day and trust that those small things will help them become great people, I trust that the seemingly small things that this beautiful community does will culminate into great things.” - Elle Rowley, Founder of Solly Baby

Time and time again, we have watched our Solly community show up for our Ochoch families. Thank you for your care and tenderness for this project. We're continually humbled by your generosity.

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