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Exercises You Can Do While Babywearing

Exercises You Can Do While Babywearing

Woman wearing active wear squats while wearing baby with Bloom Solly Wrap

Postpartum exercise has so many benefits, but finding ways to get movement in with constant feedings, diaper changes, and an always-there to-do list can feel difficult. The good news: Caring for baby and caring for yourself don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Though there are certain exercises that are best left for when you have childcare, there are plenty of safe ways to move your body without having to set baby down. Our certified babywearing educator, Morgan, shares a few safe workouts you can do while babywearing.

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Safety Considerations for Exercise While Babywearing
First things first, labor and delivery is a significant event for your body and requires healing. Before jumping into exercise, determine whether you are physically and emotionally ready to start working out again. If you’ve been cleared by your doctor and feel excited about moving your body, exercising while babywearing is a great way to keep baby close while reaping the many benefits of postpartum workouts. Here are a just few safety considerations to keep in mind before you begin:

  • Do not attempt movements while wearing that you would not do while holding baby in your arms.
  • It’s not recommended to lean or bend more than a 45 degree angle in any one direction. For example, a standing side reach or standing oblique crunch would both be fine as your torso is not leaning on bending more than 45 degree angle. However, I would not recommend bending for a standing stretch while wearing baby.
  • For any movements laying down or on all fours, I recommend removing baby from the carrier and placing them on the floor next to you.
  • Avoid any intense cardio or jostling movements. Think of the movement baby would feel while you are walking up or down a flight of stairs—that’s about the maximum amount of jostling or bouncing baby should experience while inside the wrap. For movements where baby does experience some jostling or bouncing, an added hand on baby for extra support can be helpful. 

Exercises To Try While Babywearing
Once baby is safely wrapped against your chest, these exercises are all safe options for you to get some movement in together. 

  • Light stretching: Remember not to lean or bend more than a 45 degree angle in any one direction. Also, pregnancy can tend to throw off one’s sense of balance. When performing single leg stretches, always feel free to place your hands on a wall for support. 
  • A light walk or hike: The gentle rhythm of your movement will likely lull baby to sleep (if the wrap didn’t do that already).
  • Standing pilates or yoga: I recommend using the back of a chair for added balance and support.
  • Light barre or ballet work: Just be sure to avoid any jumping or turns.
  • Light zumba or line dancing style dance/choreography: Avoid jostling baby
  • Standing abs
  • Lower body: Some great exercises include lunges (walking, reverse, curtsy), squats (air sumo), calf raises, and leg raises. 
  • Upper body: Maintain an upright posture and avoid bringing weights above your shoulders or baby.
Baby smiles in Solly Wrap while mom is on a trail walk
Expectations for Postpartum Workouts
Regardless of whether you’re planning to exercise with baby in tow or solo, it’s helpful to enter back into exercise with realistic expectations for your body. We recommend giving yourself plenty of grace, acknowledging everything that your body has already accomplished, and tuning in to your physical and mental health to determine your routine.

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