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Contributor: Amanda Watters A typical day at home is often times a pretty simple one. Reading books before nap time is a ritual we delight in, Theodore always excited to grab books off of the old tin library cart in his room only to run across the floorboards into mama's bed for snuggles. Alfie is a new part of our ritual, snug on my chest, feeling the rhythm of my breath and words as we bounce along the pages. sollywrap-0002sollywrap-0011
Other things that make up our days include time spent in our favorite room of this old home of ours, the sun porch. Our porch is a special place for our family in the warmer months. It's where we build towers out of wooden blocks that belonged to my little brother and where Andrew and I make sit and talk about our days after the kids have gone to bed. It's a warm, light-filled space that is also perfect for getting cozied up in our hammock and reading the paper on a slow weekend morning. I'll take a little section and read while the kids run around the yard and help dad gather sticks or walnuts from the trees that surround. Alfie loves this time too, for he will suck on his paci while pressed up against my body, one with his mama, the two of us bonding as we sway in the breeze.
Being a stay at home mom also means chores, and lots of them. I do my best to find the beauty in doing these tasks since they are such a big part of my life. Wearing my littlest, listening to a cheery album, lighting my favorite candle or diffusing calming essential oils is how I like to spend my time scrubbing and tidying up. It makes for a more joyful day and gives me a chance to really connect with Alfie during those times I need to be hands free.
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