Happy Sollyween

October 4, 2017

Happy Sollyween! Get tiny thrills and big inspiration from the most creative Solly mama and baby costumes for a not-so-spooky Halloween. We teamed up with our friends at The House That Lars Built to create 5 over-the-top brilliant ensembles.Treat yourself and scroll through our costume eye candy for some fun Halloween inspo and don’t forget to share your own #Sollyween costumes as well!

Keeping baby cozy and close is our best trick for fun Halloween celebrations. Please use special caution when using your carrier as part of a costume and be sure to use all of our safety TICKS. It is never okay to have your baby’s face covered by anything in the wrap. Happy Sollyween!


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Dear mamas thinking about a second baby or already expecting #2 or in the early days and months of being mama to two babes, this post is for you. If your worry and anticipation and new brutiful (brutal + beautiful) emotions are a little less about what to pack in the hospital bag and much more about how your first born will possibly be okay during your hospital nights away or your hours of newborn feeds or your heart suddenly loving double, you’re not alone. Enter the beautiful Nicki Sebastian, new mama of two, friend to all, and editorial and family photographer oozing with talent and magic, who stepped in front of our camera to share her heartfelt and genuine experience of bringing home baby #2. Read and leave more ready and hopeful for your “greatest dream come true” (a work in progress)! 


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Favorite L.A. couple and good friends, Margaux and Max Wanger, live their lives with a focus on the best of things: each other and their two babes, world travel, and lazy Sundays. We are endlessly inspired by their art, their parenting mantras, and their good hearts. We sat down with Margaux and asked her all about finding home-away-from-home (in Italy, no less!) and embracing business and parenthood with gratitude! It’s a must-read.


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