The Wrap



Grow your confidence as a parent and nurture your connection with baby with a Solly Baby Wrap. The convenience of going hands-free will restore your longed-for prebaby freedom while having your little one snuggled up close invites you to experience the world together. Whether you're folding laundry, replying to emails, grocery-shopping or caring for big siblings, you'll find a Solly Baby Wrap provides soothing comfort to keep baby feeling calm, secure, and, most importantly, loved.

There are a number of baby carriers on the market, but Solly Baby goes above and beyond to provide the best experience for babies and parents. The customizable, comfortable fit distributes weight evenly across your upper body, eliminating pressure points on the back and shoulders that are common with other wraps. Lightweight and buttery soft, every wrap is made with 100% certified TENCEL™ Modal that's cool to the touch and gentle on baby's skin. The array of colors and custom prints makes them just as beautiful as they are functional. Solly Baby Wraps reduce crying and are certified hip-healthy for supporting baby in an ergonomic position. Named "The Best Wrap" by New York Times' Wirecutter Magazine, the Solly Wrap is worn by some of Hollywood's most beloved mamas.

The Solly Baby Wrap brings calm and confidence to your days, whether you're a first-time parent or juggling a newborn alongside your other kiddos. Wear your baby comfortably for hours on end and keep your hands free to do other things, all while building a lasting bond with your little one. To learn more, take a look at our thousands of five-star reviews, schedule a free consultation with our babywearing educator, and join our supportive community on social media.