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It is my belief that to profoundly reduce maternal and infant mortality rates and child malnutrition around the globe, it will require mothers to lead the charge. The Humble Village , our non-profit partner serving the indigenous people in the rural villages of Guatemala where maternal and infant deaths are at some of the very highest in the world, is providing a way for our Solly Baby community to do exactly that.

Our 2020 goal is to raise the needed funds of $29,812 to operate the Solly Baby Mothers Center or "Ochoch" this year. 100% of funds donated by Solly Baby will go directly to these projects and local Guatemalan staff who are on the ground working day to day. The Humble Village takes no overhead or administrative costs, as they are all volunteering their time and resources to ensure the donations make the greatest impact possible.

Please read the proposal below for building our Ochoch and click to donate at checkout.


Solly Baby Mothers Center

"OCHOCH", in the community of Sepalau