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Sollyween is Almost Here! Get Inspired by These Costumes

Sollyween is Almost Here! Get Inspired by These Costumes

Sollyween is one of our favorite events here at Solly Baby. We love seeing the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into each costume you create every year. And our favorite part about Sollyween? How easy and comfortable each costume is when you're wrapped up (literally) in our buttery-soft fabric. 

 If you need some inspiration for your own Sollyween magic, check out some of our past favorites from Sollyween's past. 

A simple solid color wrap and matching wings makes for an ethereal and dreamy look.


Try it with a: Dawn Wrap + Dawn Sleeper



The creativity of this costume makes us smile. How genius is using the pants from the Solly Sleeper to create antennas for this cute snail costume?

Try it with a: Mist Sleeper + Basil Swaddle 



Your sweet babe is the sun, moon and stars. Love this mama's creative use of her wrap paired with out-of-this-world headpieces.

Try it with a: Golden Wrap



A hungry bunny and his family of carrots! Our friend Amanda Jane Jones paired her Solly Wrap + Sleeper with our favorite Halloween accessory, a bunny bonnet from Briar Baby.

 Try it with a: Oat Dot Sleeper + Flax Wrap


Another Solly Baby + Briar pairing we love. The bear bonnet makes for the perfect ewok to your Princess Leia.

Try it with a: Oat Dot Wrap + Camel Sleeper


The sleepiest little unicorn is the perfect Halloween costume for our lightweight sleepers.

Try it with a: Heritage Blush sleeper


Recreate your favorite movie and wrap up your favorite little costar.

Try it with a: Spelt Wrap


Adding a few felt pieces can transform your wrap into the cutest baby carrier and costume combo.

 Try it with a: Basil Wrap



Couples costumes have never been cuter (or easier!).

Try it with a: Camel Wrap 


A mama farmer and her sweet little piglet.

 Try it with a: Heritage Blush wrap


This mama and baby costume is a simple DIY you can easily tackle in under 30 min.

Try it with a: Black Wrap and Golden Sleeper



Classic Halloween made extra special by using a soft sleeper as the base for the cutest bat costume.

Try it with a: Midnight Sleeper.


Shop our favorite Sollyween costume starters:


  1. Black Wrap: A versatile must for your creepy, spooky + kooky Halloween costumes. 
  2. Mist Sleeper: The grey-green hue of Mist is just the right base for plants, veggies, cute insects and even a dino or two. 
  3. Oat Dot Wrap: This is the perfect neutral for incorporating babywearing into your costume idea. 
  4. Ember Wrap: We love this burnt red color for so many things. Circus-themed costumes? Yep. WandaVision? Sounds great. You can make it work in a million different ways.
  5. Dawn Swaddle: How cute would this be as a mermaid tail or a sweet snail shell?
  6. Midnight Sleeper: This deep navy blue works on so many levels. From superheroes to celestial bodies, it's a blank canvas for creativity.
  7. Monarch Sleeper: Not to get too literal, but if you're not a magical butterfly fairy wearing a Monarch sleeper you're missing out. 
  8. Basil Wrap: The perfect base for flora and fauna, dinos and dragons, and more. 
  9. Golden Sleeper: Lions, tigers and bears...oh my! If you're going the animal route this year, you need Golden in your mix. 

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