Holidays in the Hospital

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photo: @katycroxallxoxo
  Wires + tubes instead of ribbon + garland. Whirring + beeping instead of hymns + carols. Isolated + sterile instead of together + festive. A new baby can make the holidays feel extra magical, but when that new baby is in the NICU, the holidays can instead feel draining, stressful and lonely. As a brand founded on togetherness, closeness and love, we’re humbled to partner with The Superhero Project and Vera’s Hope for Hearts to bring a little comfort + joy to NICU families this holiday season. With every wrap purchase made this Giving Tuesday, we’ll donate an additional wrap to a NICU family. Why would a NICU family need a wrap? With their care provider’s green light, preemie parents can wrap their little ones up and practice kangaroo care. The time spent skin-to-skin can help stabilize baby’s heart rate, regulate breathing, facilitate weight gain, decrease crying, improve sleep, promote bonding and increase breastfeeding success. We’ve heard from Solly families that they’ve been able to tuck tubes and wires into the wrap to allow for more comfortable carrying and that wearing their wee babes has helped build their confidence, increase their connection and allow them to continue their growth together once they’re home. Being in the NICU isn’t ever easy, and that’s especially true during the holidays. But together we can bring a little more closeness, a few more snuggles, and a lot more comfort to families in the midst of one of their hardest seasons.  
Whether you choose to buy a wrap + give a wrap today or keep reading for additional ways to get involved, you’ll be spreading peace + hope + love to NICU families across the country.  

1/ Buy a Wrap.

With every wrap purchase today, we’ll be donating an additional wrap to a NICU mama via a Superhero Project care package.

2/ Send a letter.

If you’re a former NICU mama, you can send a letter of support to a mama in the thick of it. Simply use the form to submit your hard-earned words of wisdom, love and encouragement. (Please note: There is an opportunity to write to mamas with a baby in the NICU as well as mamas who’ve lost their baby in the NICU.)

3/ Crochet a hat.

Put your hands to work and download a free preemie hat pattern. Your made-to-fit finished product will provide extra warmth to their itty-bitty noggin.

4/ Donate directly.

Whether $1 or $100, every dollar makes a difference. Make your donation to The Superhero Project and Vera’s Hope for Hearts.

5/ Spread the word.

Share our social posts to raise awareness of the needs of NICU families and educate others on the benefits of kangaroo care for preemies.