Healthy, EASY Snacks for Nursing Moms

Intro Guest Contributor: Jane Maynard // This Week for Dinner
When I started nursing my first baby I could NOT believe how hungry I was. Coupled with being the most tired I had ever been (am I making new motherhood sound fun yet?), I needed fast and easy food at my fingertips at all times! But that food also had to be nutritious and baby-friendly. (Needless to say the gobs and gobs of cookie dough I ate those first months probably didn’t totally fit the bill!) Having filling snack food at the ready is a must after baby is born, especially when you are nursing and needing that extra 500 calories a day. The following snack ideas are perfect for nursing moms, packed with all kinds of great nutrients and flavor and, most importantly, SUPER EASY to make and eat! The last thing you need is a recipe when there’s a newborn to be fed!
Hummus - Hummus is a great snack to keep in the fridge. It’s super healthy and flavorful and pairs well with chips of all kinds as well as fresh veggies, which you simply can’t get enough of when you’re nursing.
Nuts - It doesn’t get much easier than reaching into a bag of nuts! Nuts are an incredibly nutritious way to get in protein and they taste great, too.
Fruit - This might seem like a no brainer, but don’t forget to keep a stash of fruit in the kitchen! No prep necessary, vitamins, fiber and a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth, fruit it where it’s at!
Cheese - Cheese is another great snack for nursing moms, thanks to protein and calcium galore. Throw it on a whole-grain cracker and you’ve got fiber added to the mix. Any new mom knows just how much we need that fiber – so fun! Greek Yogurt - Greek yogurt is not only packed with protein and calcium, but it has all those great probiotics to keep your system happy. I love getting plain Greek yogurt and mixing in a dollop of homemade jam (that I made months before baby was born, by the way). So good!
eggs 1
Boiled Eggs - If you like boiled eggs, then you are in luck! Eggs are another one of those protein-packed snacks and boiled eggs are beyond easy. Just boil a bunch of eggs at once and then keep them in your fridge for when you need a quick bite.
peanut butter
Peanut Butter - Whether you’re dipping yummy things like apples or celery into your peanut butter or just eating it straight off the spoon, peanut butter is a pantry staple that is perfect for the nursing mom!
Hummus Guacamole Dip - I know I said no recipes, but I swear this recipe is easy and you can make a bunch and have it last for several days. I love hummus guacamole dip not only because it’s tasty (which it is!), but because it’s packed with all kinds of healthy ingredients, like avocados, hummus and black beans. I can seriously sit down with this dip and some corn chips and be happy for lunch or dinner, so imagine what a fantastic snack it must be! Click here to get the recipe from This Week for Dinner. Avocados - Avocados are a true super food, packed with all kinds of good nutrients and healthy fats. They are also loaded with fiber (good for new moms!) and potassium (good for moms who might be getting Charlie horse cramps due to dehydration). Plus, they just plain taste good. Cut an avocado in half and scoop with a spoon or smash slices on a piece of whole wheat toast with a bit of salt and pepper and you’ve got one of the best snacks around.
eggless cookie dough
Cookie Dough - I know, it’s not healthy. But sometimes you just have to splurge to keep your sanity! This recipe for eggless cookie dough from Kailley’s Kitchen is absolutely perfect for new mommas. No dangerous raw eggs to contend with and all the cookie dough your heart could desire. Trust me, cookie dough and a glass off ice water is the best when you’re nursing!

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