Last month my mantra was to cut the junk in a serious way. We moved into a smaller home, cut our monthly expenses in half, donated half of our things, simplified our family calendar all the way down to our meals, and, more importantly, I’ve been “Marie Kondo’ing” my brain. I’ve been thinking about everything that fills my time, especially as a mother and business owner, that may have lost its intention. Things that have become habit that no longer serve me or my family or our community and even things I do simply out of good old-fashioned FOMO. I wonder how many things we could all stop doing that would actually add clarity and deeper meaning and impact to the things that we are doing?

It’s not about saying no or not trying new things, it’s about recognizing that every time we say no, we are saying yes to something else and vice versa. Saying no to soccer season this year may mean saying yes to family dinners two more nights of the week, saying no to scrolling Instagram may mean saying yes to reading that book you’ve been carrying around, saying no to that weekend trip you felt obligated to go but didn’t want to may mean giving yourself permission to rest and relax this weekend instead.

In my life, simplicity means less of the things that don’t truly add value to my life and more of the things that do. Here’s to a month of more with less!



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September 28, 2018


Share your babywearing image + #sollybabywearingweek through Friday
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Postpartum is an easy time to feel like you need more to be the mom you want to be. More sleep, more help, more diapers, more energy, more food, more time, more caffeine, more skills, more gear, more clean laundry, more patience, more milk, more showers – more everything!

The world around you might be saying more but we’re telling you something else: you are already everything they need.

Exhausted-loving-impatient-beautiful-frustrated-caring-happy-depressed-hot mess-whatever else – YOU. You are exactly the mother your baby needs. No matter how your little ones come into your life, they were meant to be yours and you were meant to be theirs. They are going to learn from your imperfections just as you are going to learn from theirs.



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I’m excited to share with you three amazing facts about babywearing that have been so essential to helping my babies (and myself) heal, bond and adjust to the wild fourth trimester.

1) Wearing your baby tummy-to-tummy helps promote healthy digestion! (If you’ve had a baby with tummy issues, you know what a big deal this is.)

2) A mama’s body temperature will help regulate her baby’s body temperature- your body will actually heat or cool to the temperature your baby needs!

3) Skin-to-skin contact releases feel-good oxytocin for reduced stress, increased feelings of love, and the desire for connection in you and your baby. It’s the sweetest start to life.

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Dear mamas thinking about a second baby or already expecting #2 (or #3 or #4 or #5…) or in the early days and months of being mama to two babes, this is for you. If your worry and anticipation and new brutiful (brutal + beautiful) emotions are a little less about what to pack in the hospital bag and much more about how your first born will possibly be okay during your hospital nights away or your hours of newborn feeds or your heart suddenly loving double or more, you’re not alone. As a mama to four, I hope these tips ease that transition.

1) Let your older child(ren) feel what they need to feel. It’s not our job to fix their feelings, but just hold the space for them to feel. I promise as you don’t fight or try to fix it, they’ll be able to process those emotions faster and move into a much more peaceful place as you make that transition. And don’t forgot to be kind to yourself because it can definitely be challenging!

2) Prepare for a range of toddler emotions. Older sister/brother may be mad at you or the baby or everyone and regress in some way. It can be a tricky connection to make when the emotions surface after the novelty of their new baby has worn off a little bit, but listening, understanding, and giving them new opportunities to grow and help with baby goes a long way.

3) Emphasize their new, exciting role as big sister or brother. Our family loves reading the book I’m a Big Sister or I’m a Big Brother during the pregnancy and first couple of months postpartum to help them understand the changes coming and that your love as a mama will only grow for them.

4) Spend one-on-one time with your older child(ren). Making 10 minutes (minimum) of child-directed time while baby is sleeping in the wrap or in the crib or with your partner will really fill their buckets and helps them feel secure and loved and needed as part of the family.

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“I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this.” —Susan Branch

Excited to share our new #motheryourself series where we’ll be exploring a new theme every month with practical ideas + tips that will hopefully inspire your motherhood. This month is ☁☀SUMMER SURVIVAL☀☁. What’s your best tip for really finding peace and enjoyment in what can be the craziness (i.e. lack of routine, travel, tired little ones, etc.🙃) that summer can bring?


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“Imagine if you were so fully present during each experience of life that it was touching you to the depth of your being.” —Michael A. Singer

A new month means a new book, and this month’s pick The Untethered Soul is a step-by-step guide to living in the present and choosing happiness—two things that are sometimes so much harder than they should be, right? If you’re up for doing a little soul-searching with me this month, then buy, borrow or download the book so we can read and talk about it together! Can’t wait to hear what you think! #sollybabybookclub

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“The key is to do what you can, when you can, and give yourself props for it all.” —Andrea Faulkner Williams

I’m so excited about this month’s book, you guys, and not just bc my BFF Andrea wrote it (would have picked it even if she hadn’t!). It’s seriously such a relatable read + incredible resource for navigating the postpartum period (and beyond). It’s down to earth, funny, and full of quizzes + journal prompts to help evaluate how motherhood is going for you and figure out what you can do to make it even better. If you’ve never joined in #sollybabybookclub before, now’s a good time—after all, you’re going to need something to read while you’re pinned to the sofa by a sleeping baby. Download this guide and read along!

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