Meeting Jeannette (@shutthekaleup) feels like freshening up! She’s a mama with an outstanding balance as fitness instructor, mom to Elliott Grey, and “real food” enthusiast, and we’re leaning on her for some shaping tips…to be our healthiest selves. Her mantra is simple: “listen to your body,” and we’re all ears for her nutrition tips, workout gear “steals” and advice for feeling our best after baby. Thanks for guiding us through, Jeannette.


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Summer Is Here

June 20, 2016

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When the big kids are home from school, the sun is shining through the curtains, and a happy breeze blows by, it only seems right to spend the day out and about. Of course, with big and little kids in tow, getting out can be a chaotic affair (ahem, where did that other shoe go and please put your clothes back on!). But after finally making it out that front door, nothing feels better than that first fresh breath of summer air. We’re dreaming of outdoor cafes, the cutest streets on the block, and days spent enjoying an easy pace and break from the norm with our babies. Summer is here!


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All week here at Solly Baby we’re celebrating the dads in our lives in honor of Father’s Day. Each day on Instagram we’ll have something new to share, so join in and tag your babywearing papas with #SollyDadsofIG to take part and for a chance to be featured!

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As mamas, we know what a joy it is to wear our babies. But did you know that babywearing is also one of the best ways for dad to bond with babe? This Father’s Day, whether it’s your very first or first with a new baby, share your wrap and share the love!

Dads who babywear feel more comfortable and confident as caretakers, and is it just me or do they also look incredibly handsome while doing so?! It’s always made me so happy to see Jared wear our babies, and especially on a day that’s all about celebrating him there is no greater way for us both to feel this love.


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Beautiful Jacqui Saldana, the mama behind Baby Boy Bakery, and designer of our limited edition BBB x Solly Baby wrap, is a bright light. She’s mom to Ryan and Mila, author of My First Year, A Baby Journal, and creator of an inspiring corner of the internet where “people can come for delicious kid-friendly recipes and inspiration to live a loud and wild life no matter the ugly we are faced with.” Sit down with us to learn her joys, her advice and her (ah-ha!) beauty fixes. You’ll leave here with a new friend, we’re sure of it.


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In light of recent media attention regarding the safety of swaddling, we are sharing this guest post by Dr. Rallie McAllister MD, MPH. It was originally posted on the Baby Safety Zone and shared with us from our friends at JPMA. Dr. Rallie is a nationally recognized physician, known for the nationally syndicated newspaper column, Your Health. She has authored hundreds of other health articles on a variety of health-related websites, including WebMD.com, lifetimetv.com, ivillage.com, ParentsMagazine.com, msn.com and BabyCenter.com to name a few.

One of the hardest parts of being a mom is making the best, safest choices for your children. This is often complicated by changing, conflicting medical advice and media reports.

Case in point is the May 2016 Pediatrics study that questioned the safety of swaddling and implicated swaddling in increased risk of SIDS.

In our Tweet-length-attention-span world, the nuances of studies like these are quickly lost. To make matters worse, over-simplified, headline-grabbing sound bites don’t come anywhere close to telling the full story.

Here are important points to understand:

• This study was a review of a handful of previously published studies. It didn’t include new research designed to study swaddling in depth.

• The studies didn’t clearly define “swaddling.” It’s not possible to know if the babies who died of SIDS were swaddled safely and correctly and using products made specifically for swadding—or if these babies had been “swaddled” incorrectly.

• One of the findings of the study is that babies are at risk for SIDS when they sleep on their stomachs. This was already a clearly established risk—and it’s a risk whether a baby is swaddled or not.


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First Trimester Favorites_v2_600px

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of excitement and anticipation and tender moments, but my first trimester requires a survival guide. With growing bumps, hormones out of whack and touchy nausea, I’ve kept a list of (and clung to) my tried and true lifesavers. Here’s to looking, and sometimes feeling, like you are keeping it all together!


To Wear — 

1. Seamless day bra – I have one in almost every color. They’re so comfortable, super inexpensive, and perfect for sensitive and ever-changing, pregnancy boobs.

2. V-neck caftan – A little pricey but my favorite splurge this pregnancy. I had an event earlier this month that called for dressier attire but I couldn’t get excited about anything in this awkward, transition phase where maternity clothes aren’t necessary (or wanted, as I hadn’t shared the news yet) but of course, I still wanted to feel chic and put together. This dress was so comfortable and hid my already noticeable bump perfectly without looking frumpy. Can’t wait to wear this all the way through this pregnancy and beyond.

Baby Mama Beauty — 

3. BB cream – My skin freaked on me this pregnancy in a way it never has. I try to wear a light BB cream, if anything, to keep from irritating it more.

4. Oil-free foundation – When I do need to get more dressed up, then this oil-free but high coverage foundation is an instant fix.

To Feel Better — 

5. Ginger ale – The best ginger ale ever and a total lifesaver for nausea. My sister-in-law brought it to me on my worst day and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get it plugged into an IV ever since.

6. Ginger mints – Ginger in all its forms eases my pregnancy sickness. More ginger goodness when you’re sick of drinking it.

To Catch a Break — 

7. Floor coloring pages – I found this French company at the shop-up we participated in last month in LA. I brought home a large size poster for my kids and they were all three totally engaged. All the while I sat on the sofa next to them, sometimes participating, but mostly just lying there, sick as a dog and happy they felt like I was a part of it.

8. Netflix – The next time you’re up with heartburn or you wake up at 2 AM every morning for no apparent reason (don’t you love it when people tell you it’s because your body is preparing you to be awake all night when the baby comes?), I recommend binge watching Tina Fey’s Netflix series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” You’ll laugh so hard you won’t care that you’re awake.

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