Not sure what to do with your wraps when they’re not in use? Whether you’re waiting for your new baby’s arrival or looking for a place to have quick and easy access, we’ve rounded up our our favorite ways to keep your Solly Baby wraps organized, looking good, and ready to go at a moment’s notice – all inspired by you!


1. Roll it – Rolled wraps fit perfectly in a cute storage basket. Lay your wrap flat, fold it over itself once or twice, and simply roll it on up and store vertically, side by side.

2. Hang it – Show off your wraps on hooks and peg boards along with your other day-to-day go things. Perfect for easy access when you’re in need of a wrap nap, a free hand to make a snack or heading out the door.

3. Braid it – We’ve loved seeing how creative some of you can be with your wraps. Braiding your wrap gives the simple act of hanging it a little more style and flair! It’s definitely a conversation starter.

4. Stuff it – You know that handy pocket at the end of the wrap? It makes it super simple to roll up your wrap and tuck it into the pocket for easy storage and access. Stuff your wrap and keep it at the ready in your diaper bag or car (or better yet – one in each!).

5. Stack it – We know there’s more than a few of you out there with more than one Solly. Make a Solly stack by folding up your wrap neatly so you can easily see which color you are going to pick for the day.

How do you store your wrap? We’d love for you to share with us so be sure to tag your photos #sollybaby!

Images: @ellerowley, @lovedaphnemae, @elysendean and @babinskisbaby

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