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Whitney Leigh Morris is a designer and new mother living on the Venice Beach Canals in Southern California with her husband, their two pups and new baby, West. Their cottage has a 362 square foot interior, and before their little one arrived last year Whitney and Adam built a very small, yet adorable nursery in their old closet which Whitney they like to call the “Bay.” Her favorite part of putting together the nursery was finding all the little, practical details to use in the space while her son was still an infant. Today Whitney is sharing her tips for creating a nursery in small space.



1. Crib – The first piece we picked was the crib. We needed a very specific size, and this crib on wheels ended up being absolutely perfect. The platform height is adjustable, and the entire thing is easily collapsable.

2. Clothing Storage – We decided to go with a vertical storage solution for the remaining cubby, which again, had a super-specific size. I found a lightweight, simple set of rolling drawers that are ideal for the space. We’re thrilled with the functionality.

3. Large Item Storage – We needed durable storage containers that were roomy enough to hold several items, but we also needed them to be small and soft enough to slide on and off of the top shelf. I found three jute baskets, and not only are they ideal in terms of use, but they’re so beautiful.


4. Optional Clothing Rack – We removed the dowel rods from the closet, as we don’t intend to hang the baby’s clothing there. But, in case we do need a place to hang items from time to time, I found a wooden bead garland and secured to the inner lip of the Bay’s top shelf.

5. Artwork – I wanted the nursery to have dedicated imagery, but for the pieces to compliment the other art within our bedroom. In the end, the bright, clean walls decorated simply with the art won me over.

6. Changing and Bathing Table (+ Accessories) – We needed to find a changing table and baby bathing solution that was mobile. Adam and I are both tall and our sinks are too small and not properly designed for baby bathing. Luckily we found a rolling combo piece that does the trick.

7. Lounging – Since we don’t have the room for a glider inside we placed a wicker rocking chair from the garden just off the nursery stoop. We dressed up the space and if our baby isn’t in our arms while we’re enjoying the garden, he’ll be in this Moses Basket.


This post was adapted from Whitney’s original post, “The Tiny House Nursery – The Details”. Read her full post to grab links to the nursery items mentioned and to find out even more details about her adorable cottage house and nursery.

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