Before the fourth trimester is over and done I wanted to share the “survival essentials” that have gotten me through this beautiful and sleepy time. These are really focused on the first month and aren’t entirely comprehensive for the full three months of the fourth trimester. While in theory most of these items are for Hazel, they’ve really made my life easier and a little more fun – cause who doesn’t love dressing up their newborn baby even if all you’re doing is hanging around the house?! I hope this list is helpful and please leave any essentials I’m missing out on in the comments below.


For Mama —

01. Storq Carryall – They say the first rule is to not call it a diaper bag 😉 This bag is waterproof, has all the nifty pockets you could need, has the option to carry as a tote or as a backpack and has a simple and classic design.

02. Solly Baby Wrap – How could I not include our wraps in this list?! I basically live in mine. When I was expecting my second baby I knew I would need something that would be (a) comfortable for me to wear for extended periods of time (I have always been sensitive to headaches and neck/back pain), (b) equally comfortable for my baby to be totally content in for hours on end, AND (c) allow me to feel like I was still totally engaged and not “missing out” on the equally precious time with Lucy, my then toddler. Now, here I am, the fourth time around and I feel that same relief from our wraps just as much as I did then.

03. Seamless Nursing Bras – I’ve always had a hard time finding nursing bras that are both comfortable and that actually help make the breastfeeding process easier, but these ones do the trick!

04. Storq Leggings – These were one of my pregnancy staples and I’ve continued to get great use out of them postpartum. They’re extra comfortable and like anything from Storq – you can expect the highest quality!

05. Loyal Hana Nursing Top – It’s so difficult to find fashionable, well made nursing clothing. I can’t tell you how nice it is to wear something I feel good in and still have the option to easily breastfeed when we’re out.




For Baby —

01. Solly Swaddles – Swaddling is one of the 5 S’s you hear so much about in the fourth trimester. Swaddling Hazel at night helps to simulate the womb and has helped us achieve those precious three hour stretches of sleep every new mom is after.

02. Briar Handmade Bonnets. These bonnets are perfect in those first few months of your little one’s life where you’re trying to keep their head warm and covered. And they tie on (and stay on).

03. Misha and Puff Sweaters. These cozy knits have been our go to this winter to keep Hazel snuggled and warm. Did you see they started making them for women too?!

04. 4moms Rockaroo. This rocker has been a lifesaver for us! Plus it’s compact so our space isn’t taken up with too baby much clutter and we can move it around as needed depending on where I need to be in the house.

05. Dockatot – When Hazel isn’t wrapped to my chest she’s swaddled and extra cozy in our Dockatot. These things are serious lifesavers you guys.

06. Madeline’s Box Pacifier Clips – These clips are such a staple in our household! I can’t tell you how many pacifiers we’ve lost over the years – Never again!

07. Little Crane Headbands – I get so many folks asking me about Hazel’s headbands that I thought I’d share them with you here. They’re absolutely one of my favorite ways to dress her up.

08. Fog Linen Blanket. We obviously have Solly Swaddles in just about every room in our place, but I love this blanket for chillier days. The combo of this and a swaddle gives the perfect amount of warmth.

09. Arq Baby Basics – I can’t wait for Arq’s new line of baby basics to launch. Hazel has been wearing the ones from last season and they’re made of the perfect buttery soft fabric from organic cotton and naturally garment dyed to be comfy (and cute) on sensitive newborn baby skin.




Health and Wellness —

01. Re-Usable Tumbler. These tumblers’ have been extra helpful when it comes to quenching that constant nursing thirst. I keep one with me pretty much at all times or leave it waiting in the my usual nursing spots.

02. Gripe Water. This has come in handy for those days where Hazel’s tummy is especially sensitive. Organic and all natural – just one teaspoon and she’s usually feeling better in no time.

03. Humidifier. We couldn’t live without our humidifier in these dry winter months. Having this around has truly been essential for both Hazel, myself and the rest of the family.

04. Frida Baby Bundle and Saline. This bundle has all the hygiene essentials for baby in the fourth trimester. They’re all innovative products that do their jobs perfectly and I’m happy to have them on hand for when an occasion arises that I need them for.

05. Tubby Todd Mama Bundle. We’ve shared this bundle here before, but Tubby Todd really has perfectly put together all the basic beauty essentials for the fourth trimester. They’ve all been on repeat over here.

06. Essential Oils and Diffuser. I love exploring all of the benefits of essential oils at home. I’ve been diffusing lavender at night to keep both Hazel and I sleeping peacefully. That being said, always check with your doctor.

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June 21st 2017

This is a brilliant collection of essential items for that important first stages of bubby’s life! At first I was wondering what the fourth trimester is! Have never heard it called that haha! We couldn’t survive without a ‘shhhh-er’, a rocking cradle next to the bed and a baby pouch. Love your list, so helpful!

August 17th 2017

Thanks for your great epic lists. I am now trimester, so these are very helpful for me safe pregnancy. I don’t know about so much what should do, but your posts helping a lot.