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Classic Kids Photography is a boutique photography experience specializing in hand finished portraits of children and their families, including pets. They create artwork for their clients’ walls and heirlooms for their families. Head Photographer, Jenn Sturtevant, was recently named one of the best photographers in Orange County.


Today, Jenn is sharing her tips for taking photos of your kids this holiday season. We all know the struggle of trying to get your family together for photos this time of year. Whether it’s the stress of hiring the right photographer, wondering what you and your family should wear or attempting to take your own photos at home – we’ve all been there. If you’re panicking on just how those holiday cards are going to come together – take a deep breath and follow these six simple tips!




1. Tell a funny joke and get silly for real smiles. Believe it or not, our dirty words are “smile” and “say cheese”. They bring out those forced smiles (that are adorable in their own way but not natural) – don’t use those phrases! Instead, be fun and get creative with them. We treat our photo sessions like a play date so they relax, smile spontaneously and most importantly LAUGH!

2. Look at your background. Keep it simple and notice small details that may be distracting. Try to avoid having small messes or bright objects where you’re shooting. You want the shot to be all about your cute little subject, so simple is better. If you can catch these details while you’re shooting you will save yourself a lot of stress after the fact.




3. Change up your point of view and perspective. Switch it up and get on your child’s level. Sometimes we even get down on our bellies and it’s worth it to get the shot. This seems to make the process a bit more fun if you have children who are resistant to getting their photos taken too!

4. Look around for the very best light in your setting. This will be your best friend. Often times, shade is better than direct sunlight to avoid harsh shadows on faces, and we always suggest working with natural light so turn the lights off and work with what you have. It’s about the direction, the quality and quantity of light. Wait and find the perfect lighting.




5. Keep them entertained. Trust us, we know kids don’t sit still. Even after your funny joke, they may love it and giggle and then poof—they’re on to the next best thing! The best way to maintain their attention is something we call “shock & awe.” Turn yourself into a monkey or into their favorite animal of choice (sounds and all)!

6. Last but certainly not least, shoot for fun! No explanation needed here. Just have a good time and enjoy the memories you’re creating together. However the images turn out, they’re going to be picture perfect.




And as a special to Solly Baby followers, Jenn is offering 20% off all holiday family photo session with Classic Kids Newport Beach. Just call or email her to book your session and mention Solly Baby when you do – 949.642.0200 or

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