Fall has officially arrived and I’m looking forward to switching up my wardrobe from the summer dresses and jumpsuits I’ve been living in up to this point in my pregnancy. After baby #4 makes her appearance this November I’m ready for some layering – cozy knits, chunky cardis, all over our new Solly Baby FW wrap colors as my body works it’s way to it’s new postpartum shape.


Here are my tips for layered dressing with your wrap this fall:

1. Wear long sleeve button ups or flannels. These are the perfect first layer! They tend to be particularly great if you’re breastfeeding and want to be able to do so while wearing your wrap. Even if you choose to nurse without the wrap on, I have found that these sorts of tops to be a lifesaver for easy access. Plus they’re something you’ll be able to wear again after you’re done breastfeeding and as your body is changing.

2. Find a pair of comfortable maternity jeans that you feel confident in. I’ll definitely be sporting these postpartum because having a go-to everyday staple like this is crucial to my fall/winter wardrobe. I tend to switch up my tops more than my bottoms, and considering there will be four Rowley kids to tend to I’ll need to be able to move around with ease. Jeans for the win! (Some brands I’ve found that I like are Madewell and Topshop.)





3. Stick to loose fitting cardigan style sweaters. These are great for throwing on over your button up + wrap combo, and are so easy to take off once you reach your destination (where there will inevitably be heat) or add on when you’re in transit (and it gets cold). I also like the open style sweaters because you’re able to wrap the extra fabric around your little one with your hands to bundle them up a little more.

4. Choose hats over scarves. It’s important to keep baby’s air passageways clear while wearing your Solly and you really won’t need the extra warmth here with baby on your chest. Keeping this in mind, I always opt for hats when babywearing. Plus they’re a cute, easy and affordable accessory that you can toss on when you’re out the door and feel good in!

5. Top it off with an oversized coat. This will easily fit around you and your babe should a big chill come in or you need to spend some time outside. Choose a jacket with a looser fit that will accommodate both you and your baby. For the perfect fit take a measurement around your midsection with your baby in your wrap and add a couple extra inches since your baby will grow quickly.

Have any tips to add? I’d love to hear them!




Photography: Max Wanger

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October 3rd 2016

Love all these looks.. but I always second guess my baby’s outfit?? How layered should she be in her wrap??

October 5th 2016

Hi Mallory! You can think of your wrap as one extra layer for her. So if you would normally dress her in a onesie and a light cardigan, you can skip the cardigan. Or if you would do a onesie, sweater and jacket – skip the jacket. Having a hat and warm pair of socks (once she’s legs out) is always a great idea too. If you have any other questions feel free to email our babywearing educator, Morgan, anytime at advice@sbaby.azurewebsites.net 🙂