You Mean Everything

September 19, 2016


“Whether you have been with us from the very beginning when I was making patterns on my living floor and cursing my Craigslist serger until the wee hours of the morning, or if you joined somewhere along the way as we have continued to work our tails off to create the best possible product, we could not do it without you. As a small business, you may not realize how powerful it is every time you tell a friend about your wrap or show the tag to the lady asking questions in the checkout line, but for us it is EVERYTHING. Small businesses are only as successful as the community that surrounds them and I am endlessly grateful and inspired by the support we feel from ours.

So, THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting us, thank you for sharing your memories and your stories with us, and thank you for allowing our product to play a small role in one of the most challenging but beautiful, exhausting but invigorating, and completely transformational times in your life. We sincerely hope our Fall/Winter 2016 line adds beauty, connection, and the freedom to take on the world with your little one.”


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