Rachel Pally is a mother of two, the owner and designer behind her eponymous clothing line, Rachel Pally, and the designer of our limited edition Every Mother Counts wrap. Through her brand she has bridged the gap between easy and elegant, making her designs sought after by fashion-forward women and mothers across the globe. Continue reading to learn what helps this talented mama juggle it all.


Tell us about your line, Rachel Pally?
I started my line at 22 straight out of college. I was studying dance at the time and was making costumes out of flowy, stretchy fabric and started making some pieces for myself as well. My friends loved it and we all started wearing my “creations”. What started as a hobby around my dining room table in college turned into my career! I’ve been making clothes for women of all shapes and sizes and ages and styles and demographics ever since!

How has family infused your business model?
I’m lucky to be able to work for myself. My schedule is flexible and I am able to work during off hours and take Fridays off to spend with my family. It has made me work smarter and harder now that I have something so special to come home to!




What do you love about raising your kids in Los Angeles?
As a native Angeleno I can’t imagine raising my kids anywhere else! In addition to having two devoted sets of grandparents living nearby, we have access to such wonderful museums and restaurants and hiking and beaches and adventures just a short drive from our home. The city is so multicultural and vibrant and exciting – I love that we will be able to raise our boys with so much exposure to all of the beautiful culture that Los Angeles provides! And the weather can’t be beat!

How do you give back?
Ever since becoming a mother I’ve narrowed my focus to issues that have to do with babies and motherhood and women’s health. I love supporting organizations that do work to better the lives of mothers and babies like EMC (obviously!), Circle of Health International that provides midwifery education and supplies to areas that don’t have access to healthy birthing options, and Alliance of Moms, which supports pregnant and parenting girls in the foster care system.






What’s your go-to babywearing look / outfit? Lately I’ve been living in a simple Rachel Pally mid-length dress with a pair of flat black sandals and my Navy Shibori wrap. That way I can match with my son when he wears his Solly Dolly wrap! Otherwise I love a pair of levis and a creamy vintage gauzy top and my EMC wrap!

What’s a typical day in the life look like for you?
I wake up around 4 with the baby and nurse him and bring him back to bed for some snuggling (he’s only 3 months old and I’m milking every second of it). My older son, Tao, is up at 6 or so and comes in to cuddle with us for about 30 seconds before he’s ready to build something with his magnets or blocks. I play with Tao and have breakfast with my family and when I can I rush out to exercise for an hour. Its been making me feel more like myself since I had Luca. I just started leaving him at home with our wonderful nanny when I go to work – I had been bringing him up to this point but its too hard to get my work done when he’s around! I call my mom to talk about everything and nothing on my 35 minute drive downtown. Sometimes I pump, which is pretty funny and I’m always crossing my fingers that I don’t get pulled over or see anyone I know. Once I get to the office I’m never at my desk! I basically run from office to office, working on the boards for upcoming seasons, checking fabric swatches, fitting samples, reviewing e-blast language, choosing photos for website, going over paperwork with our bookkeeper, talking The Night Of and Stranger Things with the girls, reviewing orders from department stores, laughing about celebrity gossip over lunch in the kitchen with whoever can step away from their desks, organizing sample racks, setting out looks for upcoming shoots, ordering shoes to fit models, taking out the trash….you know! Just about anything and everything! And I do my best to pack it into the shortest amount of time so I can rush home to my babies! Its insane and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I play with the boys, take a swim, make dinner, stories, bedtimes – I’m so exhausted at the end of the day that I can barely get through a show snuggling with my husband Kevin before passing out. We usually just crash around 10:30. Its the most jam-packed and wonderfully satisfying life!




What are some tips you have for other working moms or entrepreneur moms? Its impossible to do it all perfectly. Forget perfect. I feel like I do a better job at work when I’m 100% focused on work and a better job with my kids when I’m 100% focused on my kids. When I try to do both I don’t feel like I do either one very well. Take time for yourself. Quality over quantity when it comes to time with your kids.

Which Solly Baby wrap do you reach for most often? Somehow I have ended up with so many wraps! I’m lucky to have one for each outfit! But I especially love the Black and the Navy Shibori.




We’ve teamed up with Rachel to giveaway $500 worth of Back to School Beautiful goods, including a $300 gift card to Rachel Pally and a $200 gift card to use right here at Solly Baby. Enter on our Instagram today!

Photography: Nicki Sebastian; Wearing: EMC and Heather Grey

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September 13th 2016

I love this wrap you designed mrs Pally however it is all sold out….please consider making a few more available for those of us that would like to purchase it. Thanks

September 13th 2016

Hi Tina! We will definitely make an announcement here if and when we re-stock. Thanks for checking out our site! Stay tuned for the fall collection that launches tomorrow at 9pm PST. There might just be a wrap that you love just as much. 🙂