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You may have caught wind of the news on Instagram, but for those of you who might have missed it – we’ve teamed up with Rifle Paper Co. on our latest collaboration wrap! Psst press play below…



It’s always been important to me to push the limits when it comes to designing baby gear. Just because our wraps are functional doesn’t mean moms don’t deserve to feel beautiful and excited about wearing them. Us moms deserve that! So after listening to requests from our customers for years and chatting with Anna, the co-founder of Rifle Paper Co., we decided to finally take the plunge on this collaboration and have her design a wrap. It took every bit of self-control I had to keep the secret in as long as I did, and needless to say I am thrilled about this collaboration.




Last week we announced the collaboration on Instagram we celebrated with an event at Au Fudge in Los Angeles where Anna and I shared our tips and experiences when it comes to collabs, motherhood and different ways of growing a small business. The event was especially memorable because of all of the love and support I felt as we made the first steps to embark on a new season, our new collection and this collaboration. We also gave each guest these cute gifts by Gratitude Collaborative with a Rifle Paper Co. x Solly Baby swaddle, Rifle Paper Co. Tapestry notebook set, and a copy of “Movers, Shakers, Mommies, and Makers” that features my and Solly Baby’s story. Thank you to each and every one of you who made it to the event, and for all the support we have felt near and far.


GC Gift
The Rifle Paper Co. x Solly Baby wrap will be available starting September 14th on our website. And follow along on Instagram and Facebook for more sneak peeks along with updates on the exact release time and the whole fall collection.

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August 2nd 2017

Is this wrap available anywhere to purchase?