Sonnet James has created a brand and line of dresses that speak to the mother who wants to play with her kids and feel beautiful. Remi Stoneman, Sonnet James’s photographer (and sister to founder and designer, Whitney!), was kind enough to welcome us into her home as she prepared her two boys for back to school and kept her youngest close and cozy in our wrap.


Remi’s days span homeschooling her boys, micro farming, adventures in fashion photography with Sonnet James, and the trials and triumphs that come from dysfunction – all of which she shares on her must-follow Instagram feed. This mama really can do it all!


“Adjusting to three has been, well, an adjustment! It doesn’t feel harder or easier, just different than one or two. I remember other moms’ saying things like ‘Oh just wait until you have three – you’ll think two was so easy!’ That’s equal parts true and untrue to me. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard, really hard sometimes, but every life changing experience is hard. You adjust and find a flow, and then another beautiful and hard challenge comes your way and teaches you more about yourself and what you’re capable of.”


“When I find beautiful, timeless pieces that are also durable there’s a chance I’ll buy one in every color and spend all my money. Because if I’m being honest, function and fashion are equally important to me whether I’m dressing myself or decorating my home. This may mean I’ll most likely never get my photo taken for NYFW street style, and that my home will probably won’t be featured in Domino, but I’m okay with that. I own one necklace and one ring, because I don’t have dainty manicured hands and usually I’m digging in the mud anyway.”


“Sonnet James is so timeless and my Solly wrapped baby feels like the best accessory I could ever buy. The lightweight dresses and wrap make layering fun as we prepare to welcome the fall months when layering is in full effect. I wear both as often as possible, and they’re so versatile I wear them anywhere – from hiking to church to dates with my husband and driveway basketball with my boys. They both seem to be the epitome of my fashion + function style… Now I just need them all in every color!”



Photography: Ali Middleton Photo; Mama: Remi Stoneman; Wearing: Goldenrod

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