Even though Andrea, the founder of Tubby Todd, and I have been friends for years, I’m genuinely a huge fan of their products and have been since the day they launched their first lavender body wash. I use their BASICS line daily with my little ones and am always bugging Andrea about when a new scent or product will come out, not to be sociable but because I love everything they make. I’ve known about the development of their new MAMA line for quite a while now so I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for it’s release. I recently gave it a spin and I think we can all agree that it’s a game changer.

Since Tubby Todd has been a favorite in my house for the kids (and if I’m being honest I’ve used quite a bit of their products for myself, too!) I was especially thrilled that now there’s a line just for me. The Belly Balm has definitely come in handy with baby #4 on the way to help prevent and heal those inevitable stretch marks. And I’ve been carrying the Freshening Spray with me everywhere because it seems like when I’m not sleeping, I’m driving the kids to and from gymnastics or horseback riding lessons and playdates, and often times there’s a not insignificant amount of time between showers.

Everything in the MAMA line has a fresh, feminine and clean smelling scent – ginger and lime, citrus avocado and, my personal favorite, vanilla and aloe. And most of all I love that every Tubby Todd product is 100% natural and made with essential oils that are particularly gentle for sensitive skin. For all you mamas and mamas-to-be out there, it’s a must try and you can shop it here.





Photography: Jamie Arrigo


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