Sollycation Giveaway

August 8, 2016

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Take that summer getaway before summer gets away!

To celebrate all of the places Solly Baby makes it easy for you to go, we’re giving away everything you need for that end-of-summer vacation you’ve been waiting for.


+ $500 Solly Baby gift card
+ $500 voucher to Kid & Coe
+ $500 Birdling gift card
+ $500 ARQ gift card

Sollycation Giveaway

Entries will be accepted from Monday, August 8 to Monday, August 15.

And don’t forget to tag your summer babywearing vacation moments with #sollycation on Instagram, leave us a picture on Facebook, or share your story here on our blog for a chance to be featured.

Good luck!

Photography: Libia Arteaga ; Mama: Neram Niminde; Wearing: Firefly

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August 8th 2016

Hi! My name is Kaylene. On March 25th of this year I gave birth to my first child, Evangeline Joy. The name “Evangeline” literally means “good news”. My husband and I had gone through a miscarriage about a year and a half before we found out we were pregnant with our her. We were not trying to get pregnant, but God seemed to have other plans. Ones better than any I could conjure up myself. Evangeline was the good news that we didn’t even know we were asking for! She is the best part of our lives and we can’t imagine life without her. Wearing her in my wrap is one of my most favorites things. I think I may even enjoy it more than she does! I cannot wait to use it with all the future babes that God will hopefully bless us with. There’s nothing like holding your baby heart to heart.

August 8th 2016

Hi, my name is Jessica Mathis. I gave birth to a sweet little boy this past May. I was so thankful for our #SollyBabyWrap during our recent vacation in Puerto Rico. I was very nervous about traveling with a two month old, but the #SollyWrap really saved us. It was amazing to take on our flight and perfect for long walks on the beach. For all you new Moms and Dads, I highly recommend getting one. #CalvinRoger #BabiesFirstVacation #PuertoRico #Sollycation

August 9th 2016

Absolutely love this giveaway so much!! We just had baby number two (a rainbow baby) and are so in love. Thank you for this! You’re so awesome!

August 11th 2016

My name is Meredith and I had my daughter Paislee on March 7th of this year! I didn’t want one of those bulky carriers so I was looking up wrap carriers. I am so thankful that I had found @sollybabywrap it is a lifesaver! My daughter loves being held chest to chest and this wrap is perfect!! I recently used it when we took a trip to the 1000 islands and it was just so perfect and I had gotten a lot of comments on it and compliments! Thank you so much for coming up with these wraps!

August 12th 2016

After 7 weeks and 1 day in the NICU, we are so happy to finally have our baby girl – June – home, 20 days before her due date. At just barely 6lbs, I am so appreciative of my Solly Baby carrier- it’s the only one I feel comfortable using with her, and she loves being snuggled up in it even on these warm summer days, which is great because we can’t put her down! Thanks for providing such a great carrier option. I know we’ll be using her wrap for a long time, and I seriously want one in every color!

August 24th 2016

Was the winner announced to this dreamy giveaway?