I’m now beyond the half way mark, and while it sounds cliche to say, this pregnancy has really flown by! I hope my first trimester lifesavers helped relieve the anxieties and aches that come with those first 13 weeks, and now I’m excited to share my soothing favorites for this (thankfully!) much more manageable second trimester:


To Wear — 

STORQ – the bump is no longer in the awkward phase and now looks like a real bump! These dresses are comfortable, flattering, and can be worn to nurse in postpartum.

Avarcas – Easy, comfortable slides have been so crucial this time around! Bending over not necessary!

Doliray swimsuit – Swimming has been so key for me this pregnancy to relieving leg pain and doing something fun with the kids that doesn’t totally wipe me out. This swim romper is unbelievably comfortable and has a high-waisted two-piece that comes with it for underneath so it works perfectly for a growing belly (even though it isn’t maternity).


To Feel Better — 

Pilates – Every other workout I have tried this pregnancy has led to total exhaustion and often headaches, but Pilates has taken away almost all of my aches and pains (especially in my legs) and has driven my energy level way up. This roller is THE best for stretching out parts of your back and neck that feel almost impossible to reach while pregnant.

Omega-3 softgels – I swear by omega-3 for energy and to help “pregnancy brain”. I take them all the time, but I feel the most noticeable difference when I miss taking them pregnant. They also help baby’s brain development in the womb!

Tarte Highlighter – The pregnancy glow is a real thing but sometimes needs a little boost. This highlighter is such an easy way to look and feel more awake and fresh!


To Catch a Break — 

Australian licorice – I haven’t really craved sweets this pregnancy, but when I do, I immediately look for these thick and juicy licorice bites.

French Oak Candle – Obsessed with this scent because it has the perfect mix of filling the room with its aroma but is somehow still subtle and so relaxing – no pregnancy aversions to this.

Lavender oil – I tend to over-plan and over-schedule myself when pregnant so keeping this scent around really helps mellow me out throughout the day.

Baby Journal from Baby Boy Bakery – I am obsessed with Jacqui’s new My First Year baby journal and have been reading through it to prep (and get extra excited) for Baby’s arrival. No more bad baby journaling- this one is a motivating keepsake.

Girl squad! – Get out of the house as much as you can right now while you’re still feeling great and mobile. Even if it’s just a quick lunch with your girlfriends. “Me-time” is the world’s best relief!

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