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Meeting Jeannette (@shutthekaleup) feels like freshening up! She’s a mama with an outstanding balance as fitness instructor, mom to Elliott Grey, and “real food” enthusiast, and we’re leaning on her for some shaping tips…to be our healthiest selves. Her mantra is simple: “listen to your body,” and we’re all ears for her nutrition tips, workout gear “steals” and advice for feeling our best after baby. Thanks for guiding us through, Jeannette.




Hi, my name is Jeannette. I live in Orange County, CA. with my husband and my little guy Elliott Grey. I first became interested in health and fitness about 5 years ago. I became intrigued by it all so quickly and I pursued it to the fullest because leading a healthy/balanced life was all I wanted. The mantra I live by is; listen to your body. Elliott was born breech in our home, on my bed with no meds, no nothing. The struggle was definitely real so when he finally came out and was put on my chest, that’s when I felt the greatest love there ever was. Skin to skin after a 48+ home labor was my most memorable motherhood moment.



What has Elliott taught you about priorities? balance?
Elliott has taught me to be patient and slow down. I take my time with everything we do. It’s been a bit difficult to keep up with my blog and responding to emails so my priorities have shifted big time. I love being able to give all my time to my little guy but finding a good balance has been a bit difficult since his schedule changes so often. I take every day as it comes and try my best to get things done without stressing out. Staying positive is key and knowing everything will get done it due time keeps me motivated.

How do you hope to empower other women/moms?
I hope to empower other women/moms by giving them my personal stories of mine and letting them know that they’re not alone. We’re all on the same journey of living our lives to the fullest with balance, good health and our loved ones.

What are your top on-the-go must haves for your mom bag?
My on the go must haves I keep in my mom bag is; a PB perfect bar for fuel, my healthy human life stainless steel tumbler filled with black coffee to the top, Sophie the giraffe cause Elliott loves it, honest diapers and wipes, zoe organics everything balm and of course, my solly wrap and solly swaddle.

What character traits do you hope to pass on to your children?
I hope he’s honest and loving to everyone he meets.





Share your favorite breakfast.
My favorite breakfast is either a green smoothie with spinach, pineapple, frozen banana and harmless harvest coconut water or my signature sweet potato bowl which includes a steamed sweet potato, organic berries, PB, siggis vanilla yogurt and purely elizabeth grain free granola. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s sooooo good!

What’s your best food indulgence?
Doughnuts, Any sort of gluten, and ice cream!

Any secrets to clean eating when eating out?
The less ingredients the better. Always carry a snack with you just in case the day gets hectic. The things I always have on hand are an apple, orange, perfect bar, a PB packet or trail mix to keep me energized. But life is all about balance so if there’s something that just sounds so good, get it. Treat yo self!

A nutrition tip we don’t (but should!) know?
Start taking collagen ladies! It’s helped me with my hair loss from post partum hormones, it’s brightened my skin, helped with digestion and has a good amount of protein with every serving. It’s the best thing I’ve purchased this year!



Best fitness routine for moms of newborns?
Take a walk with the babe in your solly wrap mamas! It truly helps those post partum hormones. The fresh air will calm you and help your thought process.

How do you push yourself when it HURTS?
I just go. I have a goal to give 100% when I’m in my fitness zone so I have no excuse but to go!

Jeannette is wearing Beyond Yoga and an exclusive Beyond Yoga x Solly Baby collaboration wrap, known as, Rose Quartz. You can find it here.

Beyond Yoga is a body positive athleisure brand designed to seamlessly transition from studio-to-street that promotes a healthy outlook, a body positive perspective and has policy against image retouching. Every hand involved in creating our garments is fairly employed in Los Angeles factories.

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June 24th 2016

Love her story! Beautiful And what is name of shoes she has on!

June 25th 2016

Who is the diaper bag by that she is wearing?

June 29th 2016

The backpack that she’s wearing is a fjallraven kanken.