Every Mother Counts

November 23, 2015


We have an entire season to reflect on the gratitude we feel in our lives, and at the top of that list is our parenthood– the feelings we feel and the lessons we learn and the plain joy we get to live are all so much to be thankful for. Which is why Every Mother Counts is a cause we passionately stand behind. Together, we can make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. We can all be part of this solution (and this joy) this giving season.

Every Mother Counts is currently spreading hope, support and safety in Cabestore, a rural community in central Haiti, with limited health facilities and high maternal and neonatal mortality rates. A much needed birth-center is now newly opened after renovation, medical training, and donations of supplies to deliver skilled care to tens of thousands of mothers and babies.


Meet Nadage Piere, 29 years old and 8 months pregnant with her fifth child. “She delivered her first four babies at home due to difficulty reaching a hospital from poor road conditions. Now she’s happy to have a new clinic nearby that she can access easily for labor. In fact, she’s already been visiting the Birth Center for her prenatal care, and feels safe and supported knowing she’ll be taken care of by a professional when the time comes to deliver.”

Nadage’s story counts. Every mother counts, which is why Solly Baby gives $1 of EVERY wrap you purchase on our site to Every Mother Counts. Your wraps have helped us donate tens of thousands of dollars so this wonderful organization can continue to improve maternal health and support an array of programs that help protect Nadage and thousands of mothers and babies in Haiti and around the world. So, we’re thankful to you and we’re thankful to these brave mothers and the babies being born safely with your help. Let’s keep wrapping with a cause.

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