Our Story

It’s always been important to me to push the limits when it comes to designing baby gear. Just because our wraps are functional doesn’t mean moms don’t deserve to feel beautiful and excited about wearing them. Us moms deserve that! So after listening to requests from our customers for years and chatting with Anna, the co-founder of Rifle Paper Co., we decided to finally take the plunge on this collaboration and have her design a wrap. It took every bit of self-control I had to keep the secret in as long as I did, and needless to say I am thrilled about this collaboration.

Anna Bond

When I was pregnant with my son Ford the Solly wrap was the most gifted item my husband and I received with good reason. It is beautiful, practical, well-made, and incredibly simple to use even if did seem a little intimidating at first. My son is now a little over a year old and those early days went by just as fast as everyone assured me they would. They are full of love, emotions, and tiredness but they are unlike anything else and I often held him close in my wrap.

For this collaboration, I wanted to design a pattern that would be true to Rifle Paper Co.’s whimsical aesthetic and versatile, so I chose our classic Tapestry pattern in neutral hues. I hope you enjoy this wrap as much as I did using it and designing it! Hold those babies close because it really is true — it goes by fast.