Our Story

Mother of two and founding designer for both Kinfolk Magazine and Define Magazine, Amanda Jane Jones is the second installment in our designer collaboration series. Known for her nostalgic and minimalist aesthetic, Amanda has mastered the balance between simplicity and sophistication with the AJJ for Solly Baby Wrap.

Amanda Jane Jones

I still remember the day we took our daughter Jane on her first walk. She was only a week old and I was recovering from an emergency c-section. I was dying to get out of the house, so we decided to venture out and take it slow. We tied Jane to her daddy snug and tight. She’d been fussy, but being in the wrap was a comfort to her and she immediately calmed down. We only walked maybe two blocks before I needed to turn home, but I remember feeling like a we’d really accomplished something. It’s a sweet memory for our family.

Becoming a mother, whether it’s your first or your fourth always comes with it’s suprises and for that reason, I was so grateful for my own Solly Baby Wrap. It was compact enough that I could slip it in my diaper bag and sturdy enough to carry her for miles when we’d miss the bus home. The wrap is light enough for the warm days of summer but also thin enough to fit you and your baby under your coat during the coldest days of winter.

I used my solly baby wrap from week one and I plan to use it till the end—hopefully carrying my own grandchildren the same way I carried my own. Next to the heart and close enough to kiss.

Family photos taken by: Anna Zajac