Five Quick Wellness Tricks When Your Hands are Full

January 11, 2017


Mothers deserve wellness just as much as anyone else, but it can be tricky to find the time when your hands are full. Since there’s never a true day off as a parent we’ve found that it’s essential to create small chunks of time throughout the week that provide time for self care. Today we’re rounding up a few of our go to tasks that help achieve balance and promote wellness. Our idea with sharing these tasks is not to overwhelm you and add more to your list, but to provide a breakaway task list to help you nurture YOU!



#SollyJolly: Holiday Traditions with The Rowleys

December 23, 2016


This season we shared the holiday traditions of some of our closest Solly Baby pals in our #SollyJolly series. I can’t tell you how much I loved seeing and hearing how our wraps fit into what makes this season special for you and your families. In fact, I was so inspired that I wanted to share one of our own.


#SollyJolly: Holiday Traditions with Kate Arends

December 07, 2016


This season we will be sharing the holiday traditions of some of our closest Solly Baby pals in our #sollyjolly series! Meet Kate Arends – a wife and new mother living in St. Paul as a creative and multichannel marketing consultant. Her blog, “Wit & Delight”, was derived from Kate’s experience of discovering and developing her own personal style – “Wit” is a sharpness and quirkiness to the process, while “Delight” is finding the joy and the humor throughout each step. Today she’s giving a little insight to what makes this season special for her and her family. Make sure to tag your photos with the #sollyjolly hashtag to share your traditions and what this holiday means to you!


Handmade Holiday: A Pinterest Worthy Wreath DIY

December 05, 2016


Kelsey Harper founded Flower Girl Los Angeles in 2012 with focus on offering clients natural items that are bespoke, chic, and organic to the eye. Kelsey always uses what is fresh, in season and local, ensuring unique arrangements with a relaxed California feel, drawing inspiration from all aspects of nature and art. Today, she is sharing a wreath DIY with you all that will last throughout the holiday – and it’s even doable with your little one wrapped up close! Learn about Kelsey’s process and the materials needed below.


At Home with Sara Brawner

November 30, 2016


For those of you who haven’t met Sara Brawner, you’re in for a treat. We’re so inspired by this beautiful mama of five and her positive perspective. For someone who has gone through such heartbreak, she mothers with such grace and kindness. We admire her for so many reasons and believe that her story is worth being told and heard. Hope this interview touches you the way it has touched us.

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