July 14, 2016


Guess what, Utah? We’re coming your way!

We are so excited to be joining our friends Oilo Studio, Petunia Pickle Bottom, and Tubby Todd for a pop-up sale at the gorgeous Jane.com office space.

We’ll be there with everyone’s favorite Solly colors and we’ll have some very special deals for you to check out. Plus, Crio Bru is going to be sharing free iced chocolate drinks with everyone who stops by.

July 16th
10 AM – 2 PM

3401 N. Thanksgiving Way
Suite 300
Lehi, UT 84043

If you have any additional questions, please email us at pr@sollybaby.com.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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SB SUMMER - 460_600

We’re lighting sparklers, eating watermelon and donning our red, white and blue! In our house, the Fourth of July is synonymous with a big family trip to the beach.

Sweet babies digging in the sand (and maybe also trying to eat it), collecting seashells, running barefoot along the beach. These are the memories we’ll treasure. One of my favorite things about our wraps is they make it easy, and comfortable, to wear your baby no matter where your holiday traditions may take you.


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Meeting Jeannette (@shutthekaleup) feels like freshening up! She’s a mama with an outstanding balance as fitness instructor, mom to Elliott Grey, and “real food” enthusiast, and we’re leaning on her for some shaping tips…to be our healthiest selves. Her mantra is simple: “listen to your body,” and we’re all ears for her nutrition tips, workout gear “steals” and advice for feeling our best after baby. Thanks for guiding us through, Jeannette.


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Summer Is Here

June 20, 2016

SB SUMMER - 391_600px

When the big kids are home from school, the sun is shining through the curtains, and a happy breeze blows by, it only seems right to spend the day out and about. Of course, with big and little kids in tow, getting out can be a chaotic affair (ahem, where did that other shoe go and please put your clothes back on!). But after finally making it out that front door, nothing feels better than that first fresh breath of summer air. We’re dreaming of outdoor cafes, the cutest streets on the block, and days spent enjoying an easy pace and break from the norm with our babies. Summer is here!


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All week here at Solly Baby we’re celebrating the dads in our lives in honor of Father’s Day. Each day on Instagram we’ll have something new to share, so join in and tag your babywearing papas with #SollyDadsofIG to take part and for a chance to be featured!

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As mamas, we know what a joy it is to wear our babies. But did you know that babywearing is also one of the best ways for dad to bond with babe? This Father’s Day, whether it’s your very first or first with a new baby, share your wrap and share the love!

Dads who babywear feel more comfortable and confident as caretakers, and is it just me or do they also look incredibly handsome while doing so?! It’s always made me so happy to see Jared wear our babies, and especially on a day that’s all about celebrating him there is no greater way for us both to feel this love.


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