Our Story

Hello, I’m Elle and this is our family business. We live in San Diego, California in a little home by the beach with my surfer-boy husband, Jared, and our three children: Lucy, Solomon, and baby Frances. I started the business while my husband was finishing school and my jaw is still dropped by its success. It’s pretty nuts around here, but we couldn’t be happier.

Our Philosophy

One, we believe our wraps bring you closer to your little one, physically and emotionally, while simultaneously giving you the freedom and comfort to take on daily life. Secondly, we believe that taking on the role of mother or father does not replace you as an individual, it simply adds to it. Our wraps reflect your personal aesthetic, seamlessly and luxuriously integrating all of the benefits of babywearing and the beauty of still being YOU.

Our Design

Solly Baby was born in 2011 in the sewing nook of a little house in Salt Lake City right after I had my second child, Solomon (hence the name Solly Baby). I had always been a babywearing advocate but I was frustrated with other carriers that I’d used so, after buying my first serger on Craigslist, I went to work while my babies slept. I designed and experimented with fabrics, turned my house upside down and into a factory with tape lining the living room floor for cutting guides.

We now live in San Diego, California where we work with a small manufacturer so we are still able to oversee the production closely. We are proud that our business is able to support American factories, fabric mills, dye houses, and printers. We feel that we are able to offer a customized, superior product because of how closely linked we are with this process and our customers. With the help of many other people, we were able to create a truly beautiful, functional, and safe product that I am proud to share with caregivers.